Thanks for Joining Our Party!

Ain’t No Party Like a GhostCodes Party…Cause a GhostCodes Party Don’t Stop! 🎉

GhostCodes Party Feels

Can I just start by saying that we love you…?

[Cue the romantic candlelight and sweet background sounds from Kenny G.]

Seriously, response to the #GhostCodes app in the last week has been insane. And, we owe it all to you. For the first time in our life we hosted a party that people actually wanted to attend.

Thank you for that!

Does that mean we’re finally cool kids? 🙌

While, I’d love to spend hours crafting this post perfectly with impressive poetic verse to mask my below-average writing skills — I’d really rather spend my time getting our next update out. So, please don’t dock me any cool points for lack of creativity or grammatical errors.

Keeping with the ghost theme, I wanted to be as transparent as possible and address a few user concerns publicly. Also, I’ll fill you guys in on some of the things we’re working on for future updates.

Getting Featured

No doubt, features are valuable. You know it. We know it. Your Aunt Cheryl knows it. They give you instant exposure within the app. Because of this, demand to be featured has been high…like — to the moon. 🌖 Naturally it was our desire to feature some of the earliest adopters first. (because that’s only fair.) But now we have lots of users. So, we’ll be grading things a little more critically now.

Problem is, we can’t add every one of you guys on Snapchat. It’s actually impossible, because Snapchat has a follow limit. BUT, we did set up a nifty little form for you to fill out if you want to be featured. It’s the best way to get in front of us:

Also, we love talking to you guys on twitter. The more you engage with us, the more we’ll remember you. It’s science, people. 😏

Speaking of Twitter

We’ve really tried super hard to interact with you guys and provide fast, friendly (and sometimes fun) service. We also genuinely care about what you have to say. We think most of you have noticed this, because we’ve seen comments about it. So, YAY! It’s really important to us.

Because this interaction is so important, 99% of the twitter posts, replies and dm’s are from either me or Frank.

Follower Quality

Please. Please. Please understand the value of follower sentiment…especially on Snapchat. While our platform is designed to help you grow your following, it’s not designed to help you game it. The amount of snap followers you have does. not. matter. I promise you. The only metric on Snap that has any value is open #’s. And the only way you’re going to get those #’s up is to build meaningful relationships around similar interests. If you’re broadcasting ‘kudo for kudo’ and ‘follow for follow,’ it’s not going to help you in the long run. There’s no point in having a ton of followers if they don’t care about your content. There’s also no point in following a bunch of people if you’re not going to watch their stories or interact with them.

Kudos 💜

Kudos are a way to validate users in their respective categories. When you give someone a Kudo, you’re basically endorsing them as someone to follow. Generally, you wouldn’t give someone a kudo until after you’ve seen their stories first. Respect your Kudos, yo! Get it? Got it? Good. 👍

Kudo Farming

We’ve noticed some users uploading invalid Snapcodes with faulty usernames and using these accounts to grow their personal kudos. I get it. Smart, strategic…maybe a little fun. But, if you’re doing that — please stop. It’s a waste of your time. We have a team that is going through every profile and scanning codes to make sure they match the username. If they don’t, the fake user will be deleted. And the kudos will disappear like magic. Voilà! I’d hate to see your account get deleted after all that hard work.

If you see a user doing this, please contact us and tell us about it. The next update will actually have a ‘Report User’ option to do this easily within the app.

Ghost Mode

One thing users have asked about is the ability to browse without having a public profile. We like that idea. A lot. We’re currently working on an ‘invisible mode’ for GhostCodes that will be for the users that just want to browse.

Slow Loads

Some categories are loading S.L.O.W. This is the main issue/bug with the current build. We have a patch for it that should be ready soon. The larger categories/interests aren’t loading because they are too populated, and your device/network is trying to load them all at once. This was our fault. We didn’t anticipate the app filling up so soon. I think we have Sunny Lenarduzzi, AaronFPS, GiniCanBreathe and a few others to thank for that. I personally told them they couldn’t break our app, and they proved me wrong. Hats off. #Influence

Category Changes

This is our most frequent request…and one we try to stay on top of. We added a ton of new categories recently. If you want to move categories, just ask. Don’t be shy. We don’t bite…hard. 😁 This option will be available to everybody in the next update.

The easiest way to switch categories rn:

Changing Snapcodes

This is also a frequent request, and one of the new features that’ll be in the next update. You’ll soon be able to change the image within your Snapcode all by yourself…in the privacy of your own home! Awesome, right? This is 2016. No need to learn photoshop.

If you’re impatient like us, and can’t wait until the new version — we have been changing pictures out for some. It may take a little longer than a category change, but we can do it for you.

How Snapcodes Actually Work

This is important to understand. There are three main components that a snapcode has to have to scan:

  1. Dots (obvs)
  2. A black outline of the Snapchat ghost in the center. (some people have uploaded codes where this has been removed) Snapcodes will not work without the ‘ghost-stroke.’
  3. A Black stroke around the code itself. While our auto cropping tool is pretty slick, it does not format every code perfectly.

If you happen to notice a code (yours or someone else’s) that doesn’t seem to meet these requirements. Please let us know.

The Go-Live (Public) Ghostcodes

Many of you have been asking when will the public version of Ghostcodes launch. Our answer: We. Don’t. Know. (ghost-like transparency) Seriously, we’ve submitted it to Apple for review and are waiting on them to give it the thumbs up. Should be soon.

Also, [with that said]…can you keep a secret? Being an early adopter of our app will pay off. We plan on tagging profiles of users who got in early with an ‘OG’ badge…Original Ghost. So, even though we’re saying to keep it a secret — you may want to tell a few close friends so they don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.


We’ve had a ton of requests for shirts. We placed an order for A Boat Load. Literally, a boat load. And will offer them for you guys soon. This is another place where it’ll pay off for being an early adopter. Stay tuned for more info there.

What’s Next?

Ghostcodes is going to rapidly improve over the next few months. We have a really exciting road map. But it’s gonna happen in stages. Discovery is something that we’re spending a lot of time on. For that, we’ll be focusing on compelling interests and niche categories. So, keep that in mind when using the app.

Finally, I know I started this post off with a thank you…but I wanted to bookend it with one too. We created this platform for you. And, we’re so honored and humbled by the response already. Y’all are amazing!

Stay spooky,

👻 Hunter