Don’t Worry About the Oscars, Worry About The Flint Water Crisis!

If anyone knows me, they know that I do not watch the news. I try to avoid it at all costs because it upsets me. But one night when I was visiting my parents for dinner, they had the news on and they were discussing Flint, Michigan’s water crisis. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing. I had to learn more about this.

Above is a picture of the contaminated water in Flint compared to Detroit’s. On our own American soil, we have a life threatening issue and it doesn’t seem to be sweeping the media like it should be.

This has been apparently an issue for over a year now and still there has not been much improvement to the water. Celebrities seem to finally be taking notice, which is raising awareness of the issue and have resorted to their Twitter accounts this week to tweet about it.

President Obama has finally declared a state of emergency. Michael Moore is demanding that President Obama visit the people of Flint to better understand their daily lives of what they have to deal with. Michael Moore has made a petition to get President Obama to Flint. There are over 125,000 signatures on the online petition so far! Awareness is happening but not fast enough to help these citizens.

From my research, I found that the city had been going through a major budget crisis and needed to find ways to save a buck. The timeline of the Flint’s water issue started April of 2014. This was when the Flint water supply stopped coming from Detroit but from the Flint River. Seems like they found a way to get cheaper water and these are the consequences. There is a huge blame game going on as to whether or not the Governor is responsible or someone else. Many have reached out asking for the resignation of the Governor because of no actions being taking place. There are now several lawsuits against the Governor and the state of Michigan itself. Attorney, Bill Goodman, said that there is a federal lawsuit as well.

“More has to be done and we have to reach out in every possible direction,” Goodman said January 19th 2016.

The water contamination is extremely dangerous. The amount of lead in the water is astounding. It is affecting the citizens and their children. This is a long term concern for the children that can affect them for their entire lives. Lead is extremely dangerous at even low levels of exposure but their exposure is the highest most researchers have ever seen. Lead poisoning is irreversible. According to the Detroit Free Press, “children affected by it have behavioral and developmental problems. The rate of childhood lead poisoning had been declining in Flint and in the state for decades. But in some Flint ZIP codes, the percentage of lead-poisoned children has doubled since the city began to draw water from the Flint River, according to blood test results analyzed and released last week by a Hurley Medical Center researcher.” The levels of lead spiked when water was switched from Detroit to the Flint river.

You may be asking why I’m writing this article to begin with. Who am I to raise awareness? I’m writing it because this crisis needs as much awareness as possible. I care about people and I truly cannot imagine being in that situation. On the other hand, I may soon be in that situation if the states don’t act when their citizens start to complain. This issue needs to be spread through every social media outlet there is. This may become a nationwide issue and we need to learn from this mistake and fix it now before its too late.

There needs to justice for the people of Flint, and a true leader to make these citizens feel like they will be taken care of. If you would like to help Flint, please visit this CNN page. There is further information on the site explaining the crisis and detailing what you can do to help.

I truly hope something will be done for this city as soon as possible. Raising awareness will be the only way, right now, to get the word out. Do what you can to spread the word.

I’m attaching a link to a Yahoo News video featuring Erin Brockovich talking about everything going on in Flint and all over the country for more information.

Let’s work together to spread awareness. Thank you.