The Power

of the “F-Word”!!!


At some some point in my life I stopped using one of my favorite words "FUCK". It was at a time where I was new on my spiritual journey. Then checking out Christianity I was told that profanity and cursing to any extend was a sin and disrespectful to God, especially using his name in vein and so on. I could go deeper into this but we’ll save that for another day.

So at the time I found myself constantly biting my tongue, correcting myself, using phrases like "I’m sorry, excuse my French!" and responding in text messages and twitter posts with a lame LMBO instead of the highly favored LMFAO!!! I felt fake, like only a shell of myself, like a pretending wannabe along with shame whenever a big FUCK or SHIT would slip out.

Listening to some of my favorite music fyi I love Hip Hop, became challenging as every second or third word was fuck this and fuck that.

Then becoming spiritual in a more universal sense through meditation, yoga, metaphysics and nature, again I found myself in a group of people that would give me the raised eyebrows when they heard me talking. Like yeah I fucking love doing the cow pose, kundalini yoga that is my shit! Lol

You see I was not welcomed with open arms by my spirit junkies and church folks.

But when did the word "FUCK" become such a big ordeal? It is just a fucking word! It's a word that helps many of us to properly express ourselves, our mood, our emotions, our joy and our anger! If a fucking AC drops on somebody's foot I don't give a shit how fucking godly, holy or spiritual they are that motherfucker will scream "FUCK OR SHIT OR GOD DAMN IT" off the top of their lungs!

It's a soul freeing experience so really you don't need an exorcism you need to give yourself permission to tell people to FUCK OFF with their pre notions about profanity. Words only receive the meaning that we give them!

Let’s take the word and ooo this is a controversial one and a touchy subject I know- the N-Word! I’m not going around calling every black person NIGGA because I respect people’s feelings and opinion around this subject. But the word received it’s power over people because a group of ignorant racist assholes chose to give it a demeaning and disgusting meaning! Other than that it is just a word!
And FUCK is just a word. A word that by the way has not enslaved, raped and killed thousands of people and women and children and deprived them of their human rights! So it is not that serious people! Absolutely no comparison!

Back to fuck- 4 me fuck is self expression, release of negative emotion that needs to come out, a way of being emotionally charged, free, expressing joy and excitement, being brutally honest and real and pumping myself the fuck up at the gym, my walks, my talks with my clients and just motivating the fuck out of myself and others! It's real! Not dog shit covered in chocolate! So saying FUCK does not make you a bad person, illiterate, ignorant, not intellectual enough, unintelligent, trashy or less God loving and spiritual.

Even some of the most successful and highly regarded people in this lifetime such as Steve Jobs and President Obama have used the word a lot more than once. Shit Barack probably said "what the fuck and fuck these Republicans!” many many times!

Yes I've emphasized the word a lot purposely in this piece as you can tell. I don't hold every single conversation with 50 fucks even though those can occur as well sometimes it depends on my mood. lol All I'm saying here is "DON'T BE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOURSELF AND YOUR ENERGY IN ANY WAY YOU DEEM NECESSARY!" because you are afraid of what others may think of you.

God I can tell you doesn't give 2 fucks about you using the word fuck because God is fucking awesome himself! And as long as you are happy and treating yourself and others with respect without harming anyone including yourself God's got your fuckin back baby! He fuckin loves you no matter what!!!!

So thanks for reading and fuck all of you motherfuckers who are fucking offended by my shit! Lmaoooooo Love you guys! Until next time!

The Fuckin Energy Makeover Specialist @GiaGetsItAll