Why Everyone Should Watch: Carnal Knowledge

Our movie insider experts recommend this steamy, sultry coming of age story.

Giaco Furino
Jul 8, 2017 · 2 min read
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At Tribeca Shortlist, our goal is to strike back against the endless scrolling and indecision that comes from being served up heaps of bad movie options. We’re dedicated to bringing you a great and varied selection of movies that are all (here’s a novel idea) great films. To help us in our quest, we enlist Shortlisters (movie insiders like actors, directors, writers, musicians) to talk about why they love the movies on our service, and why you should watch and love them, too. Of all the movies streaming on our service, few have received as much love from our Shortlisters as Carnal Knowledge.

Directed by Mike Nichols (The Graduate), and starring Art Garfunkel, Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen and Ann-Margret, the film came out in 1971 and was infamous for its frank talk about sex and sexuality. The film follows the love lives of Sandy (Garfunkel) and Jonathan (Nicholson) over the course of twenty-five years, and the audience sees them fall in love, fall in lust, and, to some extent, become disillusioned. We spoke with some of our Shortlisters about it and found out why they love this steamy, sexy, sometimes-sad film.

Writer and director Rebecca Miller (Personal Velocity, The Ballad of Jack and Rose) says she chose to spotlight Carnal Knowledge “because I think Mike Nichols is one of the greatest filmmakers that we’ve had, and I think this is one of his most interesting films.”

Jason Blum, producer and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, praised the film for its gutsiness and speaks about how “it pivoted cinema in a way, because it made people think that they could do something edgy.”

Acclaimed actor Alec Baldwin (30 Rock, Glengarry Glen Ross) speaks to the incredible cast in Carnal Knowledge, and focuses on the “fragility” of Ann-Margret and the powerful screen presence of Jack Nicholson. “This is Nicholson very dramatic and very serious.”

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