Funny Racial Movie Stereotyping

Racial traits are a big issue especially nowadays. Before you read ahead we are not implying racial slurs and insults here but just some funny coincidences so to speak. If you’ve seen a lot of movies in your life, then you may notice that there are a lot of similar features when it comes to racial stereotyping in movies. Now of course these aren’t meant to be offensive but maybe just some funny coincidences. Lets take a look first at the running joke where the black character always die first. If you’ve seen a lot of horror or slasher movies, you will notice that they are a group of people.

If one of them is a black character then chances are that they will die first most of the time. If you’ve also seen a lot of action movies then here are just some of those stereotypes present. Whenever Russians are the villains of a movie, they have elements of the cold war into it. Then of course we have those Hispanic drug lords and cartels as villains in most movies. We also have those Chinese triad villains that deal with a lot of things. Speaking of Asians they are mostly depicted as being a good with martial arts so to speak. You can also watch all amazing hollywood movies online on 123 watchmovies.

Movie stereotyping isn’t a bad thing depending on how it is portrayed of course. Most people wouldn’t notice it plus there really isn’t a movie that has crossed the line yet and has come off as super offensive. The only ones that did didn’t even had them as unintentional stereotyping. Plus most people are already aware of it so it doesn’t take away the enjoyment of the movie unless it is that bad to begin with. It is a bit weird and fun at the same time how some movies reuse these things to complement the movie itself.

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