Cert IV Web Design Assignment 1 - Analyze Requirements

This is my first assignment for the course, focused on the analysis and design process that comes before building the website. It consists of 3 parts; summarizing the brief, evaluating social media options and design sketches.

Summarizing the Brief


I’ve selected the Main Street Corner Store client pack to base my website around. This is a small local grocer and takeaway store.

Client Requirements and Goals

They want a website that primarily provides information about their stock and the menu available. They also want to have a space to order online and pick up that order later on, They don’t deliver so this ordering system doesn’t necessarily need to handle payments but that could be a good thing to add potentially. This ordering system will probably be the hardest part to build, so the implementation of payments is something I have to look into before deciding whether or not to do. The main goal of the website seems to be to make information easy to find and provide a place for orders.

Target Audiences

The target audience for this site is in a specific location more so than a specific demographic, both locals and visitors to Sometown. The locals would probably already know where it is and even the visitors can probably find it easily given that it’s on Main Street. There will be a wide spectrum of technological competence so a focus on easy to use will probably be in order.

Technical Requirements

The site will probably need a back-end database to keep track of orders made. Also the front end will probably use HTML and CSS because that’s what I’m most familiar with in regards to web design. The ordering system will probably need to use a more dynamic language to work with the back-end database. For the question of CMS vs custom, I’m probably going to use a custom build. Mainly because it looks better in a portfolio than using a CMS, but a custom build also has a benefit of flexibility.

Market Research

Looking at different supermarket and restaurant websites to see if there’s any commonality between them, Main Street Corner Store is a fast food place as well as selling groceries. The biggest similarity between these two is an emphasis on pictures of the product sold, with a slide show on the main page. Both also tend to have ordering systems, or at the least lists of available products.


Home page will be straightforward with a slideshow and navigation, maybe the slideshow can be connected to a photo sharing site so that the clients could easily add photos to it. There could be a contact details page with a linked google map. Another pair of pages could be dedicated to ordering from two separate areas of the store; the fast food and the groceries. The last page can be a simple list of trading hours, this will hopefully provide an easy way to know when the place is open from a quick google search.

Evaluating social media options

Integrating social media can be great to share up to date information without having to put too much effort into it, the client can do this themselves quite easily. A problem that it could present is the need to maintain your social media accounts, and the visual design of each social media site is set in stone so the site will have to be built to not clash with that.

A positive example of of using social media well is the site for “born with design” just because it’s so creative about it.

The goal of the site is to inform customers in a simple and effective way to that end most social media isn’t really all that useful. maybe a single Facebook account for any specific notifications and an Instagram for photos of products.

Design sketches

This is my initial idea for a front page. the basic template for the whole site is going to include the title and navigation bar. The font of both of these will probably match the in store menu title font. This font has a kind of old fashioned feel to it so the site should have this too. The background outside of the content should be bricks with the background of the content looking like a worn out sign. The photo slideshow can be linked to an Instagram or other photo-sharing website, this will allow the client to upload new photos as they see fit. The slideshow can be set to use the last 6 or so photos.

These pages should have the same colour scheme and visual design. The order pages will be by far the most work, and also the most useful for the client. whilst the other two will be quite simple to implement, google maps is a good way to bring in a map whilst the photos to fill out the trading times page can be also pulled from the instagram account.

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