Cert IV web design week 2 - Design methodologies, organization and market research

We’ve jumped into talking about web design this week, more so than last weeks introductory stuff.

We looked at a bunch of different design methodologies on the Tuesday. Especially the waterfall model and the iterative model.

The waterfall model is rather rigid with separate phases that get completed before the next one starts; starting with information gathering, then into designing the site, building it, testing for bugs and then release. The good thing about this model is that it’s got a very clear plan of what’s been done and what needs doing. This is the one I’ll be using as that’s the way the course is structured.

The iterative model is about creating an initial build; then getting feedback about how it works and making changes according to the feedback given.

We also made Gantt Charts to outline the project as a whole. Gantt Charts are used to organize a project and sort out what needs doing when. Here’s mine:

I’ve chosen the “Main Street Corner Store” client pack for my project. Looking at different supermarket and restaurant websites to see if there’s any commonality between them, Main Street Corner Store is a fast food place as well as selling groceries. The biggest similarity between these two is an emphasis on pictures of the product sold, a map seems important too.

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