Cert IV Web Design Week 3 - Social Media and CMS

This week we had a look at social Media, this has had a pretty big impact on the way website design works as a lot of sites integrate social media into the design of the site. The term social media covers a lot of different sites, with different categories. During the lesson we had the opportunity to post examples of social media up on the digital whiteboard, I took a snip of the result shown below.

We also had a look at the idea of Content Management systems (CMS). These are designed to be a streamlined way to create a website, they’re quite efficient to use but come with the drawback of inflexibility. We had a brief look at a few different CMS at first. We then went through the process of installing Wordpress via XAMPP to understand the process of using a CMS. XAMPP is an app designed to resemble a web server. We also had a look at using themes on Wordpress, themes seem really straightforward to use but it’s probably pretty hard to be distinct when using them.

We also had a small talk about the issue of technical requirements. These need to be taken into account on both the client side and the server side. On the client side for example you’ve got the existence of different plugins, screen size, touch screens, screen readers, and the question of which browser is being used. Some examples on the server side is bandwidth, server space, database, compatible languages.