Here’s What That Post About Taking a Train Across the USA for $213 Doesn’t Tell You
Eric Fadden

I completely agree with this post! Every time I see a post about traveling across the country by train for $213, instantly my mind is like, “No, no, no!” I have taken the Amtrak from St. Louis, Missouri to San Antonio, Texas (a 25 hour train ride) and it was nothing spectacular by any means. Lots of sitting. Lots of gazing out the window at nothing special. Lots of annoying strangers. And lots of trying (and failing) to sleep. Do not waste your time or money on a cross-country train ride. You will most likely be very agitated before you are even halfway done with the trip. I recommend spending a little more money and renting a car with really good gas mileage and drive across the country instead, that way you can stop at all the places you want to visit.