DLT Capital Joins the GBX Sponsor Firm Network

Our Sponsor Firm network continues to grow, and today, we’re proud to announce our 15th approved addition, DLT Capital, based in Germany. The global growth of the network forms a key component in helping us to continue to bring vetted issuers to the GBX Grid, our token sale platform.

Sponsor Firms are our first line of defence at the GBX. Their role is to vet and prepare token issuers for the rigorous listing process, as well as the continuing obligations post-token sale. The network of Firms currently spans from North America across Europe, to Asia, and now, to Australia.

DLT Capital is an international consultancy and an investor in projects with a focus on distributed ledger technology. The team has a wide range of skills and knowledge, ranging from innovation to traditional finance. We’re looking forward to seeing what the team brings to the Grid in the future.

Nico Konrad, Managing Director of DLT Capital, commented:

The key to success in this evolving industry, where a growing number of pioneers are confronted with ambiguous regulation and bad players, is to set new standards for best practices every day. DLT Capital is determined to work with partners that share our ideals in order to achieve the goal of reshaping life using blockchain technology.”

DLT and blockchain technology is playing an increasingly important role in the way companies, across all industries, look at their future technological needs. The development of such technologies has been seen across finance, logistics, manufacturing and many others.

Nick Cowan, CEO of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, said:

“The continuing growth in the support services around blockchain is encouraging to see. Bringing together Sponsor Firms such as DLT Capital simply reinforces our priorities for best practices, good governance and transparency. It’s great to have Nico and his team onboard and we can’t wait to see the projects they’ll be bringing to the GBX Grid.”

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