GBX at the Europe Blockchain Summit - Warsaw

The Europe Blockchain Summit by Blockchain NeXt was held at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. The key objective of this series of events is to educate the wider world on the opportunities blockchain can provide by replacing intermediaries with decentralised networks.

Adoption of the Crypto Economy
With a large exhibition floor, a dedicated startup show and innovative workshops, the event provided attendees with ample networking opportunities. Topics and themes being discussed at the one-day conference included the future of blockchain and EU regulations, the adoption of the crypto economy by big enterprise, how blockchain is transforming banking, and even the subject of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Philip Young, the GSX Group Business Development & Marketing Director, was a keynote speaker for the event. Whilst speaking on the main stage, Philip presented the audience with the latest initiatives from the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX): GBX Grid, a world-leading, institutional-grade Token Sale Platform, and the soft launch of the GBX Digital Asset Exchange.

Networking Opportunities
The GBX was a partner of the event, which included well known global firms such as IBM and Microsoft as well as a host of rising blockchain firms such as, whose VP of Communications Mark Jordan described the work GSX Group has been doing as “fascinating.”

Mark Jordan (left) from, Philip Young (Right)

With a section of the conference dedicated to startup pitches, it presented the team with a great opportunity to network with those looking to issue their own token sales. During the event, the team met new projects and existing contacts such as Krzystof Cieslikowski from MC2 Solutions Poland.

Krzystof Cieslikowski (left) from MC2 Solutions, Philip Young (right)

Community In Poland
The team received a huge amount of interest from within the community in Poland who were particularly eager to gain a better understanding of the role Sponsor Firms play in the GBX Grid, including companies like Softwaremill, whose co-founder Jan Zborowski expressed an interest in the potential benefits being part of a global network could bring to blockchain projects in Poland.

There was a good level of interest from firms in Poland with regards to Gibraltar who are looking for ways to work with the jurisdiction which has become a leading topic of conversation at conferences globally. Philip had the opportunity to meet the co-founder of Accountingness, Oskar Cięciel.

Oskar Cięciel (left) from Accountingness, Philip Young (right)

The team enjoyed their time at the Europe Blockchain Summit, and the GBX received a huge amount of praise for setting new industry standards as well as bringing in a new era in token sales to the crypto space. GBX and the team look forward to future events held by Blockchain NeXt.

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