Infinitus Token Sale Admitted for Launch on GBX GRID

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has admitted token issuer Infinitus and their token; INF to the GBX GRID. Infinitus is brought onto the platform by Singapore-based Sponsor Firm Venture Capital Network (VCN).

Securely Store Your Private Data and Passwords

Infinitus seeks to solve the challenges faced by those who lose their digital assets through forgotten passwords and lost private keys. As a blockchain-based decentralised application (dAPP), Infinitus enables users to store encrypted digital data, including private keys, recovery seeds, passwords, pin codes or any alphanumeric data. Utilised through a mobile app, users can store private data and set security measures, such as an inactivity period, using the ‘Smart Designation Repository’ with the INF token.

The INF token is an ERC-20 utility token that is central to the Infinitus ecosystem, used to open ‘vaults’ for secure data storage.

The Global Reach of the GBX GRID

One of the truly global aspects of the GBX GRID is its ability to link people with exciting and innovative projects around the world within a secure exchange environment. Token issuers are launching their token into a large pool of already AML/KYC-cleared participants. These same participants are gaining access to token sales that have had to adhere to an institutional-grade rigorous listing process, with rules founded on good governance and best practices. This vibrant GBX ecosystem, the crypto harbour, is connecting the globe to the new digital era.

About Infinitus

Infinitus is a blockchain-based decentralised application (DApp) allowing users to store encrypted digital data on a decentralised network, providing the user with the ability to transfer their private data to a designated receiver on a predetermined triggered event.

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About Venture Capital Network (VCN)

Focused on transforming startup projects into scalable and viable businesses, VCN brings a wealth of experience from the traditional financial markets into the crypto space.

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