When Roman “Barbarians” Met the Asian Enlightenment
Ben Thomas

First, let me add my most sincere ‘Merci beaucoup’ to the many other here for this lovely bit of crumpet to round off my weekend. I am a big fan of history, but like many, I prefer to swallow it in the form of lovely stories — invented and interesting — while being well-researched. Thus, your work intrigues. 
Real history is indeed biased in the West, and while Rome is admired (and rightly, for some of it’s contributions) we (of the ‘West’) do suffer from a lack of perspective vis-a-vis the rest of the ‘civilized’ world — or worlds, for our small blue planet contains multitudes, and ‘twere best if we all understood and celebrated that fact. Therefore, many thanks for your contribution to same.
BOOKMARKING your excellent self for the lovely plethora of references in your comments — like many another commenter here, my TBR Mountain is growing ever taller, reaching Everest-like proportions. And no, Valter was not the only one to catch, and appreciate, the pun!
I would like to ask if you have ever explored the fiction of Harry Turtledove? See Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Turtledove cause I think he might be either a) right up your street or b) an interesting example of how to infuse fiction with actual history. In any wise, from exploring other of your writings here, it appears we have a similar reading history in our preferred genre! But being a little older than you, the Star Wars thing didn’t provide any impetus to same! (Also, have you tried Jack Womack? Start with Ambient — it returns attention.)

Blessed be, sir, and keep up the good work, especially your engagement with your audience, which sole and alone would put you in many a readers good books. Bonne chance avec votre livre, mon ami!

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