Gideon Smart Home: Control and Bot

We’re working hard to improve Gideon and what we’ve build so far is amazing.

With Gideon Smart Home you can now control, locally and remotely, over 250 smart home devices using your smartphone, but not just…

We’re supporting other services and hubs like IFTTT, Samsung Smartthings or Wink but there’s no limit to innovation.

As you may know, we’ve recently launched our own Gideon Bot, that helps you manage your house in a more interactive way. You can now trigger actions using the chat or your voice, by clicking the microphone button on your Gideon Smart Home app.

Another interesting update is that Gideon is compatible with Amazon Echo, which means that you can trigger actions using the Gideon Smart Home skill. You can use it to trigger scenes, control single devices or groups of devices and much more, go check it out!

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