Designing great Easter baskets for kids

Easter is just a month away, and now is time to begin assembling the pieces of any Easter baskets you’ll be making this year! With a little planning, making an Easter basket is an easy and fun activity!

Start with the basket

You won’t get far without this item. While it’s a requirement, there are a few unique styles of Easter baskets available to choose from. To decide which style is right for you, first think about what will be done with the basket after it is used for Easter. Are you buying baskets that will be taken home by other families after Easter? Will the basket(s) remain with you after? If so, would you use an elegant basket outside of Easter?

Conventional baskets (and liners) are the best option for classy and durable. These baskets are typically constructed of wicker, rope, or other natural products. They are elegant and can be used year after year. Their natural appearance also makes them flexible to be used for other purposes, such as decorations or storing various goods around the house. If you add a fabric liner, you can add color and personality to the baskets. These can be personalized to the basket recipient, or changed year after year. While more expensive than other options, their utility and durability make them a good option in small quantities. You can find some great options from Pottery Barn.

Basic Easter baskets are the most economical and convenient option in most applications. These baskets are generally small and simple, made of bamboo, plastic, or tin. They are typically stackable and easily cleanable, making for easy storage and use in future years. These baskets are a good option if you are buying multiple, if you won’t see the baskets again, or if you are buying for young children. We like basic baskets for many purposes, because the focus is usually on what is in the basket rather than on the basket itself.

Fabric or “animal” baskets are a fun option for kids, and come in the shape of a variety of animals. These baskets are unique and fun to play with. Of all the basket options, these are the most desirable to children. On the downside, they are more expensive than basic baskets and tend to get dirty in storage. Pottery Barn has a number of good options here as well.

Add the staples: Easter eggs and bunnies

Easter bunnies and eggs are staples of most Easter experiences. There are a number of ways to incorporate these aspects into your celebration, and within you Easter basket is a great way. For bunnies, you can elect either candy or stuffed versions. We like the stuffed animal version as it will be left when many of the other basket items have been consumed. Eggs also come in a number of forms, which we’ll cover in a separate post!

Add the candy and snacks

Candy has long been the heart of Easter baskets! Many iconic candy types are known and for this single annual event, such as the Cadbury Crème Egg, Peeps, and chocolate bunnies. Jelly Belly and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs round out our favorite choices of the conventional fare.

If you want to be a bit healthier, there are some snack options that are tasty and better for the body. Chocolate covered fruit or fruit and peanut butter are a couple ways to add fruit to the basket. Nut mixes with a little chocolates or m&m’s add protein to the mix. Finally, making your Easter eggs the hard-boiled variety is certainly an upgrade over the crème-filled type.

Give it some character with toys and games

We can’t cover all the options there are, but there are a few that have been perennial winners for years. Silly Putty or Play-Doh eggs are near the top of that list. We are also fans of games that help kids interact with each other. From classics Sorry! and Uno to the newer Speak Out, you have a wide variety of engaging options.

Break away from the grind with books and interactive items

Celebrating Easter is a great way to help children separate themselves (at least temporarily) from all the electronic distractions of daily life. For young kids, a book to share the story of Easter is a good way to help explain why your family and friends are celebrating the event. For reading aged kids, a book or magazine on their favorite topic is a winner. Items that help kids be active and move are another good option. For little ones, sidewalk chalk and bubbles are an easy choice. Egg decorations or drawing and coloring tools are fun for kids of all ages. For older and active kids, a frisbee, football or other outdoor equipment can help get them outside.

You’re almost there! Surround the goodies with some grass or fill and you should have a fun and unique basket!

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