What’s The Best Gift You Ever Gave?

Thinking about the best gift you ever received may conjure up childhood memories of your own Red Rider BB Gun moment. (Name that movie!) But have you stopped to think recently about the best gift you gave someone?

The shock, surprise, or pure delight on the recipient’s face is all the reward we need, as gift givers, to know we did something right. But, if you’re not sure what your friends or family want, ask them to make an online wish list using Gift Hero, to take the guesswork out of gift giving.

Our Gift Hero team shares below the best gift they ever gave.

Priya, Gift Heo’s UX extraordinaire:
Tinker Crate for Father’s Day on behalf of my kids to their dad. It’s a fun monthly subscription where they send you a kit for hands-on experiments once a month of things to build with your kids based on their age. The projects don’t take more than an hour and they are cool things to build. They love doing it with their dad, and it saved dad time in going to get all the materials and research of finding a project to do with them.
‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel García Márquez drove James Patterson to writer thrillers. JANE MOUNT
Du Pal, Founder of Gift Hero:
I gave a friend a rare book for her birthday. While I was at her house, I saw she had every book authored by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I went on AbeBooks.com and purchased a rare first edition, first printing copy of 100 Years of Solitude, signed by the author who has since passed away. When she received the gift, she was absolutely speechless.
Kyle, Engineer at Gift Hero:
Some friends of mine were about to celebrate their anniversary. I knew they were having money troubles and wouldn’t be able to do much. I gave them concert tickets I had to an artist I was really excited to see for the first time.They had a great time and I eventually got my own chance to see the artist, if only 16 years later!
Rachel, Gift Hero’s Jack-of-All-Trades:
My boyfriend was a musician who primarily played electric guitar but was always looking for new sounds to experiment with in his music. I found out he used to play the saxophone in high school and was quite good, so I very carefully pried information from him about exactly what kind of sax he would most like to have — -there’s a wide variety of saxophones that produce very different sounds — -without tipping him off to my intentions. I narrowed down the options and found the perfect saxophone just in time for Christmas, and he loved it.

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