15 YouTube Channels To Add Festivity and Feast Inspiration to Your Thanksgiving Holiday

6 min readNov 20


“The turkey. The sweet potatoes. The stuffing. The pumpkin pie. Is there anything else we all can agree so vehemently about? I don’t think so.” — Nora Ephron

GigaStar is grateful for YouTube Creators of all categories, so as you prepare for Thanksgiving holiday celebrations, here are 15 YouTube channels to check out for feast and festivity ideas and inspiration.🦃

  1. Joshua Weissman — The “bread and butter” of entertaining, exciting, and inspirational videos about food and cooking, Joshua seeks to entertain and excite viewers about food and to inspire them to cook for themselves.
  2. Jamie Oliver — Known for his casual approach to cuisine, Jamie is a British restauranteur who reached the public eye when his series The Naked Chef premiered in 1999. His YouTube channel focuses on beautiful recipes, expert tutorials, fresh talent, wonderful food, and funny videos every week plus other YouTubers dropping by.
  3. Food52 — Cooking a great meal or mixing up an irresistible cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. Neither does hosting a memorable party or organizing your pantry. Things that make life delicious can be simple, if you know where to shop, what to buy, and how to get inspired. Welcome to Food52 — for a simply delicious life!
  4. Cooking With Claudia — A cooking channel with a sumptuous array of mouthwatering recipes with gorgeous thumbnails, Claudia’s weekly episodes feature colorful food and drink recipes that everyone can enjoy. Skewered, stir-fried, sauteed, steamed, or stuffed, this channel will surely give you plenty of feast ideas.
  5. Tasty — With nearly 5K videos covering an array of sumptuous dishes, Tasty is the official YouTube channel of all things Tasty, the world’s largest food network for food shows and recipe videos from a fun group of hosts.
  6. Downshiftology — Here you’ll find delicious, wholesome recipes and tips for simple, healthy living. Lisa Bryan shares gluten-free recipes that prioritize fresh, seasonal, whole-food ingredients. Looking for candied yams and custards for your holiday feast? Check out this channel’s recent videos.
  7. Food Wishes — Managed by Chef John who posts new videos on Tuesdays and Fridays, the Food Wishes channel is where the food is the star. Watch fun-to-make and easy-to-follow recipes designed to improve your culinary skills dramatically!
  8. Jenna Pierce — For anyone looking for the latest trends and cozy styling in home and holiday decor, Jenna’s YouTube channel is the place to check out. From must-have finds at stores like Hobby Lobby, Ikea, Amazon, and Home Goods, to designer dupes and gardening and organization tips, Jenna will make your holiday spirits rise and your hospitality ideas shine.
  9. Simply R Home — A channel for seasonal decorating ideas, cleaning motivation, DIYs, home projects, and lifestyle content. Among Amy’s holiday videos are inspirational Thanksgiving tablescape ideas and cozy fall decor ideas for bedrooms, porches, and more.
  10. Charlie The Cook Andrews — This channel features step-by-step New Orleans cooking and baking recipe instructional videos, product reviews, and occasional holiday videos. Charlie’s mission is to help and inspire others to cook or bake, and bring New Orleans/Louisiana-style dishes to kitchens all over the world, one recipe at a time.
  11. Maegan’s Kitchen — According to Maegan, “I learned to cook when I was a young girl standing at my Granny’s side. She passed away when I was 13 and cooking helps me to remember her and feel close to her. I enjoy cooking for others as a sign of my love for them. I make What’s For Dinner videos, grocery hauls, and cooking videos!”
  12. Ann’s Southern Home — A homemaker, mom, grandmother, and wife, Ann cooks and loves to garden and can, keeping it real with great food and family life. Her Thanksgiving videos include easy make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes, sheet recipes, baking hacks, and more!
  13. April in the Kitchen — In the channel bio April says, “I love to cook a variety of foods and different cultures I love to feed people. Food is meant to be shared. Great Eats simple yet delicious cooking.” Foodies will have a field day finding recipes and tantalizing favorites for their next fall meal on this channel.
  14. Camirra’s Kitchen — A self-taught southern cook, Camirra shows others how to make simple, but amazing food with bold flavors, showcasing step-by-step delectable soul food dishes and southern comfort food recipes, both classic and contemporary.
  15. Chef Jean Pierre — A James Beard Nominee Chef, TV Personality, and the Author of 3 Cookbooks with 54 years of experience as a Professional Chef, Chef Jean Pierre continues teaching others through this channel with a globally-inspired menu of delights.

To all who celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a happy and fulfilling holiday!

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