8 Essential Podcasts for YouTube Creators: Stay Inspired, Informed, and Entertained

5 min readApr 2, 2024
8 Essential Podcasts for YouTube Creators: Stay Inspired, Informed, and Entertained

“Podcasting is a powerful medium that allows you to share your voice and message with the world in a way that is authentic and personal.” — Seth Godin

In the dynamic world of YouTube content creation, staying ahead of the curve is key to success. Whether you’re a seasoned Creator or just starting your YouTube journey, keeping up with the latest trends, tips, and insights is essential for growth.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of knowledge available through podcasts, offering valuable advice, actionable, and entertainment tailored specifically for YouTube Creators.

Here are 8 podcasts we think every YouTube Creator should tune into:

💰 1. The Funded YouTuber Podcast

Presented by GigaStar and hosted by Desiree Martinez, this show explores the evolving landscape of YouTube money-making, learning from Creators who are figuring it out as we speak. Through candid and insightful conversations, listeners get an exclusive, backstage pass to the journeys of successful YouTubers. Available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

2. Coffee With Creators Podcast

Hosted by Rob Balasabas, this podcast delves into the business side of YouTube, covering topics like branding, monetization, and audience engagement. With actionable insights and real-world examples, it’s a valuable resource for Creators looking to turn their passion into a sustainable business

🧪 3. Creator Science

Hosted by Jay Clouse, this podcast builds audiences and finds success as Creators. YouTubers and Creators will be able to walk away with specific strategies and tactics they can use to implement right away.

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📖 4. TubeTalk: Your YouTube How-To Guide

Hosted by Vyyyyper and brought to you by VidIQ, this podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to YouTube Creators, from algorithm updates to video optimization techniques. With expert guests and practical advice, it’s a go-to resource for staying informed and inspired.

⏲️ 5. The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

Hosted by Erika Vieira, this podcast features interviews with successful YouTube Creators from various niches. With insights into their journeys, strategies, and challenges, it’s a source of inspiration for aspiring Creators looking to make their mark on YouTube.

👀 6. The Visual Lounge Podcast

Hosted by Matt Pierce, This podcast discusses the power of visuals and videos and how to make them even better. Creating great videos is an important part of success on YouTube but what are all the things you need to consider and do? Through a variety of conversations with industry guests and experts. You’ll get practical advice and insights to help you create better and more impactful images and videos.

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🎥 7. Creator Generation

Hosted by Marlene Jia and Aurelius Tjin, this podcast explores the lives and journeys of successful online Creators. With interviews covering a wide range of topics, from content creation to entrepreneurship, it offers valuable insights and inspiration for Creators at every stage of their journey.

🎧 8. VidPro Studio Show

Hosted by Meredith Marsh, this podcast covers everything from video production techniques to marketing strategies for YouTube Creators. With actionable tips and expert advice, it’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to level up their YouTube game.

Podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for YouTube Creators, covering everything from practical tips to industry insights to help you stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the curve in your YouTube journey.

Happy listening and happy creating!

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