GigaStar Announces Powerful New Platform Features Enhancing Investor and Creator Experience and Revenue Tracking

4 min readApr 30, 2024

‘By the Numbers’ view on the dashboard highlights key performance metrics and mobile-first updates provide quick access to revenue information

[PRNewswire] Chicago, IL — April 30, 2024 — GigaStar, a startup bringing YouTube Creators and Investors together, today announced significant platform updates to enhance user experience and provide comprehensive insights into portfolio performance.

“At GigaStar, we’re driven by a vision where every Creator has the tools to turn their dreams into reality, and every Investor can contribute to the future of content creation,” said Hala Saleh, GigaStar’s VP of Product. “With our latest platform updates, from the intuitive ‘By the Numbers’ dashboard to our pioneering Drop Calculator, we’re setting a new standard for collaboration in the Creator Economy.”

GigaStar provides YouTube Creators with a streamlined way to raise capital. On GigaStar Market, YouTube Creators can list a percentage of their channel’s potential future revenue, represented by revenue-sharing securities, which Investors aged 18 or older, who are willing to accept the associated risks of a securities offering, including the risk of loss, can purchase during a drop.

Underscoring the company’s commitment to continuously improving the user experience, GigaStar has made the following notable updates:

  • GigaStar Portfolio “By the Numbers” Section: This section of the “Portfolio Dashboard” gives users a snapshot of their portfolio’s performance at a glance to help inform and enhance their decision-making process.
  • GigaStar Portfolio Dashboard Redesign: The Portfolio Dashboard has received a comprehensive redesign. This facelift includes several modifications to simplify navigation and enhance critical sections’ readability while providing key data and information to Investors.
  • Bar Chart View of Earnings on Mobile: This view now adopts a bar chart format, improving the accessibility of revenue-sharing distribution information, and allowing users to track their financial progress efficiently.
  • New Drop Calculator for Creators: Creators considering listing a drop on GigaStar Market can see how much they could potentially raise using the new Drop Calculator. This tool allows them to calculate different hypothetical valuations based on select fundraising factors.
  • Detailed “Drops & CRTs” Section: This section of the Portfolio Dashboard organizes the Channel Revenue Token (“CRT”) performance data by Drop, which streamlines navigation and facilitates easier access to view multiple CRTs that belong to one Drop all in one place.

Several high-impact enhancements are in the product pipeline, including:

  • GigaStar Market Investor Flow User Experience: Several enhancements are planned for the user experience on to achieve a more intuitive and streamlined flow for Investors.
  • Transfer of Funds: This feature will allow Investors to transfer revenue received via ACH to a bank account.

GigaStar’s platform enhancements follow the news that it will be launching a $1M fund to award grants to YouTube Creators The company plans to launch its secondary market platform by the end of 2024.

With the Creator Economy expected to exceed $500 billion in 2024, an innovative funding mechanism is more important than ever. GigaStar Market, an SEC-registered funding portal, operating under Reg CF, has launched eight YouTube channel offerings so far, raising nearly $2M on the platform with over 12,000 Investor accounts. To learn more, visit

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