Gijs Spoor
Mar 19, 2018 · 3 min read
Squirreling along
  • Me: “Oh. Shit. So then how do we involve more people in this systemic change process?”
  • Omid: “I see this journey as an art piece, but then again I am used to interpreting my reality in that way, as an artist. You are used to seeing things as social ventures.”
  • Me: “How is it an art piece though?”
  • Omid: “We collect stories along the way, our own and other people’s. We photograph them, film them, paint them, and while doing so we learn what it is that this journey has to tell us. Little by little we uncover the story of the Green Silk Road itself. And wherever we land and find an audience we share how it is unfolding. We present the pictures, songs, poems and videos in an aesthetic way which becomes richer and richer the further we travel and the more we experience.”
  • Me: “Wow. I never thought of it like that. It’s scary, because it’s completely unpredictable. But it makes sense. Just as social change is about charting unknown territory by acting first and interpreting later, so is art. And maybe beautiful stories are just as universal as mathematics?”
  • Omid: “Actually, I don’t believe anything is universal, but let’s talk more about that on the road.”
  • is there an emerging restoration ecology movement behind the seemingly disparate reforestation attempts across Eurasia?
  • does care for land, rivers and forests connect people across man-made borders?
  • if globalisation leads to ecological illiteracy, does localisation risk estranging people from each other due to reduced interaction?
  • do children care about forests? how can kids and trees grow together?
  • what is the true value of a traveller to the places (s)he visits?
  • can man made forests be as magical as ancient old growth forests?
  • is art a luxury or a basic necessity?
  • is wilderness a luxury or a basic necessity?

Gijs Spoor

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from an #Auroville forest I incubate #socent #startups and travel the #greensilkroad | #Ashokafellow

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