LifeSTEPS Offers Vocational Training to California’s Underserved

Gil Seton Jr. is based in Los Angeles and has been active in the field of affordable housing for over a quarter century. He serves as manager of the SP Investment Fund, and has been involved with investing in scores of affordable housing projects representing thousands of units all across the nation. Gil Seton Jr. has made changing outcomes and social positive investments a priority for SP and its affiliated companies and he and SP affiliates have worked with and financial supported a variety of charitable organizations in this regard. One such organization is LifeSTEPS.

LifeSTEPS provides case management and other services to lower income seniors and families that reside in affordable housing communities. They are an invaluable resource for people from low-income backgrounds and they help men and women of all ages to develop the skills and access the resources they need to find secure employment and break the cycle of poverty.

The organization recognizes that for many of California’s residents, the cost of rent is greater than what they can reasonably earn at a low-wage job. Skill gaps exacerbate this problem, so LifeSTEPS offers vocational training to help people secure better jobs. This includes computer skills training, assistance learning English, and help with basic financial planning. LifeSTEPS also offers a wealth of resources for parents, ranging from help with childcare to practical information on keeping kids safe and healthy.

To learn more about LifeSTEPS and/or to support their mission, visit their website at

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