Spring tune up and your AC service

The hard working appliance that helps you to defeat heat is your Air conditioner. It comes with a number of moveable parts and it can generate the immense amount of heat. This appliance has an indoor part and an outdoor part due to which it is exposed to many different elements like dust and dirt in the air; also it requires much wear and tear maintenance. If you just look briefly into the mechanism of your air conditioner you will come to realize that in order to get it work more efficiently and effectively it has to get maintenance tune-ups on regular basis especially before summers ,the spring tune ups

ac tune ups

So we reach the main point that regular AC tune ups are required to keep away the dust and dirt from your AC to make it work effectively and efficiently. But, how it can be done is still a question. The most effective system can only be achieved by having a most effective and efficient AC filters. The description of which is described below.
Clean filters; keeping the filters of your AC clean is the most vital part of AC maintenance. It can help you in saving both time money and energy. It will save up your maintenance cost. Most importantly a clean filter provides a clean environment by refining the air quality of your room.
Replacing your AC filters three to four times per year is very vital during the time of high usage. Always prefer to buy the one which provides the maximum benefit, otherwise, you will end up replacing it again and again for different reasons and requirements. There are many different types of filters available in the market. Some of them are
1. Filters with disposable fiberglass; these filters are the least expensive which makes it comes with the least benefits and effectiveness. It is only designed to help to block the large particles and small particles can very easily pass through it.
2. Filters with washable electrostatic; As the name explains these filters comes with the static charge that has the ability to attract the dust particles and may other matters. These are not so cheap and are comparatively more effective than disposable ones, but still, it also lacks the ability to stop small dust particles.
3. Filters with plated allergy; this is designed to trap big allergens similar to pollens and molds which are done through a dense and networked material.
4. Electrical air cleaners; removing the pollutant particles by magnetizing it in an ionized electrical field is done only by electrical cleaners. It has the ability to remove or trap all the pollens and spores of molds for up to 90% to 95% and also it helps in removing airborne viruses for more than 80%
5. HEPA furnace filters; these filters are the most effective and the most efficient thus they are mostly used for commercial purposes. It is designed to clean all small and large particles providing the cleanest and effective system.

It is highly recommended to get the inspection of your AC each season to prevent and maintain it from different problems that can affect its working; it will help in making your system run throughout the year.
AC tune-ups include number of services like;
• To get the peak level of efficiency it is important to make the inspection of you air conditioner’s coolant level and its pressure.
• For the improvement of comfort and to get maximized control it is important to check for ideal temperature and cycles and to calibrate the thermostats.
• To control the wear and tear cost it is important to make inspections of wirings, capacitors, and contacts.
• Keeping the elevator coil clean is very important
• The drain of Condensate should be clear and clean
• Air conditioner’s condenser should be clean
• Inspection of outdoor disconnect is necessary
• Lubrication of condenser’s fan motor, blades and other parts is must
• The amplifiers of compressors should be checked
• Safety checks should be performed on regular basis.
Maintenance of your Air conditioner
Timely and regular maintenance of your air conditioners can save you a lot of time and energy by improving the system’s performance and reducing the cost of energy. As it improves and maintains the system’s parts it increases the life of your AC and its equipment’s. Costly and expensive breakdowns are also prevented by regular maintenance.
Small maintenance can be performed at home as well no professional are require every time to make small adjustments. Here are something’s that you can at your home
1. Make sure you have turned off or have disconnected the electricity to your AC before initiating any task
2. Also, try to keep the outdoor unit clean from dust and leaves
3. A garden hose can be best utilized to clean the compressor but make sure to turn off the electricity first.
4. Most importantly as mentioned above change your AC’s filters on regular basis. Mostly do it every month during the season of high usage to keep your air conditioners working efficiently and effectively
5. Make inspection of your fan belt tension
6. To get the accurate and precise measurements try to keep your AC’s thermostat away from the sources of heat.
7. Try to keep the temperature of your thermostat as high as possible because for every 1 Degree increase in thermostat can save the cost of energy by 3%
8. Try to keep the windows and drapes of your house closed during the day time when the sun is out to keep your house naturally cool
9. Placing barriers around your AC is very important. Placing a fence around your AC is the best option. Many people prefer to place bushes around it but it leads to reduced airflow. The fence will prevent stray animals especially dogs to stay away from it. Dogs often urinate around the AC’s outdoor; its urination is acidic in nature and can very adversely affect your air conditioner’s equipment. Bushes can also work but then they have to be placed at least 20 to 30 inches away from your unit.

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