3 Signs It’s Time to Seek Drug Rehab

Drug addiction and abuse is a serious problem that could have devastating health and life consequences on the addict, as well as his or her loved ones. Our company, the Reniassance Recovery Center, is committed to helping people beat addiction and lead productive lives. Often, the most difficult admission a substance abuser can declare is that he or she has a drug problem and needs to seek help for it. We invite you to read the following brief piece posing the tough question: what are three signs it is time to seek drug rehab?

You Are Unable To Quit Using The Drug On Your Own

Many addicts fall prey to the philosophy that “they can quit any time they want.” A precious few may be able to, but the vast majority cannot. In some cases, this could be because the substance abuser truly has no intentions of stopping. However, the more likely scenario is that the person is a full-fledged addict whose body has become hooked on the substance in question and relies on it to function. The abuser may even desire to cease the cycle of abuse and might have attempted to quit. Unfortunately, the chemical dependency and withdrawal symptoms prompt relapses.

The Drug Use Has Caused Your Health To Decline

In addition to the uncomfortable, painful and sometimes dangerous manifestations that are often the result of drug withdrawal, substance abuse can have a profound negative impact upon an addict’s overall physical and mental health. Addiction can often precipitate numerous ailments, can damage almost every vital organ and lead to potentially irreversible effects. Specific symptoms and problems are often directly correlated to the type of drug being used, how severely the substance is being abused, how long the addict has been taking it and, quite possibly, the method of ingestion (pills, inhalation or injection).

Nonetheless, drug abusers often suffer from a number of common manifestations. Physical symptoms include weight loss, reduced appetite, sweating, shaking and changes in sleep patterns. Mental issues might presented themselves in behavioral changes, mood swings, anxiety, depression and paranoia.

Using Drugs Has Become Your Primary Focus

When an individual is addicted to a particular substance, the drug becomes the most important thing in his or her life. Addicts spend a great deal of time wondering if the current stash of the substance he or she is addicted to will get them through the day, the afternoon, the hour and so on. If the supply is adequate, they can function. If it is not, they will think, plot and scheme how to obtain more of the drug. As dependency deepens, this behavior worsens until the addict will lie, steal or engage in whatever activity is necessary to obtain the drug and satisfy his or her cravings.

Addiction is a difficult problem to overcome. Fortunately, we at the Renaissance Recovery Center are well versed in the field of drug rehab. Our approach is one of personalized treatment. To us, every client’s circumstances are unique and we ensure those who seek help with us are treated like people, not like cases and certainly not like numbers. For more information about our programs and services, please visit RenaissanceRecoveryCenter.com.

About the Author:

Steven Brown is founder of Renaissance Recovery Center, a residential substance abuse program in Gilbert, AZ. His practice has been shaped and informed by years of professional and personal experience in addiction recovery. Steven has dedicated his life to helping addicts and their families heal utilizing evidence and faith based approaches. His focus is on identifying and addressing the root psychological, emotional and spiritual issues related to addiction.

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