Foolish me

Im not good with people, but Im very concerned about what others think of me. I have friends, I try to be at the best me that I can. But after all Im still alone. I know I can handle things with my own but I dont have the confidence to do that without the support of people surrounding me. I suffered alone in my mind full of sadness and pain but outside I am cheerful that no one thinks that I have problem because no one cares about me. Im not expert on expressing my emotions in public, even at home i dont do that, instead I find things that will entertain me and will not remind me that Im suffering from loneliness and in pain. Then I ask myself

“where should I go?To the left where nothing is right? Or to the right where nothing is left?”

Then I hear a voice in my head saying “stop being who you are. Become who you want to be”. I have the power to be who I want to be, but it’s strange that I choose to be a fool. When I remember all stupidity that I made, I feel embarrassed. How foolish I am to do such thing that made me the wrong person to be alive here at the world where should I not belong. Im obsessed with finding someone who will accept me, love me, because ,I, myself cant accept and love myself. But after some time of thinking and finding myself I got the conclusion where left and right is not the option. I go with the straight path where I should go and bring this quote “ appreciate all you do, appreciate your self because if not who do you think will do it for you?”

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