Which P-Rep Should I Vote For?

Summarized Contribution Proposals of all P-Rep Candidates

Gilga Capital
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With the election well on its way, many ICON community members have been asking about which candidates to vote for. For those of us who are feeling late to the party, confused, or maybe just don’t care about digging deep into each of the 50+ candidates, this guide should help you make an informed decision.

Disclaimer: Even though we are a P-Rep candidate (Gilga Capital), this guide is meant to give a fair, impartial look at each of the candidate’s campaigns and planned contribution to the ICON network, based on public info.

Criteria for Selection

For criteria, we’ll keep it simple and stick to one metric:
What is the candidate’s Proposed Contribution to the ICON Network?
We will not consider hardware / node operation as it is a basic prerequisite.

P-Rep Candidates with a Live Node

IMPORTANT — Things to Consider When Voting:

SUMMARY — Categories of P-Rep Contribution

As of 5/30/2019

Let’s get into the candidates, from top to bottom in terms of number of votes. Descriptions are short and limited to 3 lines for speed and consistency. Contributions are limited to 2 main points of focus.

1. VELIC — 14.3% of total votes

Velic is a financial services platform (DApp) on the ICON Network.

Proposed Contribution:

  • DApp Development: building a financial services platform for providing custody, trading, lending and asset management services. Promoting activity on the ecosystem by generating sizable transactions
  • Providing Services to DApps: IRC DApp’s IEO/IAO + listing, due dilligence, user acquisition, funding, cash flow management, corporate finance / asset management, key storage, staking services

2. Ubik Capital — 12.2% of total votes

Ubik is a group of ICON community supporters / developers.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: educate and spread ICON awareness on social media, with businesses, and on university campuses by hosting hackathons, ICON meetups and more.
  • Technical Contribution: produce tutorials to promote and teach ICON use cases, benefits, and applications. Produce technical tutorials, develop ICON DApps for the community, and build useful software tools for ICON.

3. ICX_Station — 11.2% of total votes

ICX_Station is an ICON-focused accelerator, incubator, and research hub.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Acceleration / Incubation: supporting projects admitted into the accelerator program with token economics, business models, fundraising support, investment, project management and more
  • Education / Research: growing the developer community through hackathons, educational meetups. Providing research pieces, macro-market analysis reports, and pieces on the direction of the industry

4. ICONation —8.7% of total votes

ICONation is a group of ICONists with various technical backgrounds.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: developing SDK’s and DApps. Providing education and support resources for developers through an initiative called Loopchain Lab.
  • Community Services: encouraging community participation. Promoting community education and remove threats from social channels including Telegram, Reddit, Kakao, and Twitter

5. RHIZOME — 7.1% of total votes

Rhizome is the ICON community’s content creation and marketing machine.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Content Production: creating SEO-optimized content to serve Google searches for ICON-related topics. Create monthly update videos and in-depth videos about specific topics. Assist P-Reps with content & marketing.
  • Business Development & Community: reaching out to third-party publications with ICON-related stories. Community content creation and campaign ideas through community telegram channels.

6. Staked— 7.1% of total votes

Staked helps institutional investors to stake and lend reliably and securely.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Block producing: as of now, Staked has not mentioned any productive uses of allocated funds other than for node maintenance (basic requirement).

7. weBloc asia— 4.5% of total votes

weBloc is a tokenized advertising platform (DApp) on the ICON Network.

Proposed Contribution:

  • DApp development & user acquisition : acquiring users through various channels such as daily newsletter, YouTube, etc. Developing several DApps, including DEVOTE, ICON Watch, JUBJUB, IDOLTODAY.
  • Business development: creating an advertising monetization service for DApps through a marketing alliance platform. Using this platform for attracting new media/publisher DApps to the network.

8. Paradigm Citadel — 2.9% of total votes

Paradigm Citadel is a group of industry experts and crypto enthusiasts.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: developing tools for bootstrapping solutions for the early stage of the ICON network.
  • Community Services: publishing bi-weekly ICON reports on Medium and Twitter. Promoting the ICON project to Asian investors.

9. ICONVIET — 2.2% of total votes

ICONVIET is a group of passionate ICONists with technical backgrounds.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: building several ICON DApp use cases, including decentralized identity (DID) solutions. Build Quorum DEX and explore integrations and interoperability between ICON and Stellar
  • Community Outreach: fostering the growth of the local ICON community in Vietnam

10. block42— 1.7% of total votes

block42 is a blockchain consulting and development company.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: building a DApp on the ICON network with an Austrian digital marketing company. Next project will be a DAO for their ICON EUROPE community initiative.
  • Consulting / Investing: consulting organizations from startups to large corporates on how blockchain can change their business model. Also will continue efforts towards investing more into the ICON ecosystem.

11. POS Bakerz — 1.7% of total votes

POS Bakerz is a blockchain infrastructure provider focusing on staking.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: building tools to support the ICON ecosystem. Proposed projects include a delegator dashboard, and overall to the DeFi ecosystem on ICON towards decentralized asset management
  • Community Outreach: promoting community engagement through ICON Europe telegram group, leading meetups in Paris and London, and publishing educational content on POS Bakerz Medium.

12. POCKET / FIGMENT — 1.6% of total votes

Pocket Network is a team that built a universal DApp interfacing project. Figment provides delegation, staking infrastructure and compliance tools.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Decentralized Infrastructure: giving ICON DApps a decentralized infrastructure to streamline development and ensure ICON has a trustless system. Providing ICON node owners with rewards for participating.
  • High quality node: providing the P-Rep node with secure and resilient infrastructure. Providing the community with knowledge in technology and decentralized governance.

13. Deblock with STAYGE Labs — 1.6% of total votes

Deblock is a blockchain venture capital and accelerator firm in Korea.
STAYGE Labs is an ICON DApp focused on the entertainment industry.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Investment & Acceleration: continuing investment in Korean and Asian startups that will help ICON succeed. Acceleration and education program in cooperation with Korean Government start-up support centers.
  • Business Development: developing blockchain projects in the ICON network, expansion and utilization of ICON’s current services through partnerships. Working towards mass adoption of STAYGE DApp.

14. Blockchain at Berkeley — 1.3% of total votes

Blockchain at Berkeley is a non-profit, student run blockchain organization.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Education: educating a large group of students on campus and worldwide. Planning on considering ICON integrations with the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.
  • Community Outreach: hosting the annual SF Blockchain Week, providing info about ICON and giving the community opportunities to build DApps with the support of ICON developers in person.

15. Chainode Capital — 1.2% of total votes

Chainode Capital is an experienced team focused on development & growth.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: developing an ICON ecosystem portal to be a central point of all relevant information about the ICON network. Providing an accessible portal to ICON tools and DApps.
  • Growth Consultancy: providing consultancy services to projects building on ICON in the form of technical services and business growth services.

16. Signal9 — 1.2% of total votes

Signal9 is a team of professionals with years of experience in advertising, mobile communications and broadcasting.

Proposed Contribution:

  • DApp Developer Support: providing SCORE audit automation tools and acting as a SCORE agency. Providing a web-based development course that enhances and extends the t-bears development framework
  • Community Outreach: promoting the ICON ecosystem through hackathons and clubs for developers. Running a community and research group to expand the base of ICON.

17. Blockheads Development — 1.2% of total votes

Blockheads Development is a company that builds custom software solutions.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development contribution: building a prototype for a payment processor on the ICON network. working on EEP project that measures the cleanliness and transparency of water using the ICON network.
  • Marketing & Support: promoting ICON by inviting P-Rep teams and the ICON foundation to industry events. Providing support through pitch training, negotiating discounts to events and creating marketing collateral.

18. Noris — 1.2% of total votes

Norís is a technology consultancy that focuses on blockchain.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: highlighting ICON in the annual SF Blockchain Week by educating the community from a technical and fundamental perspective. On-ramping talent to ICON through Blockchain Career Fair.
  • Marketing: supporting growth by evangelizing ICON in China. Providing the most relevant updates to the Chinese market by coordinating with renowned media influencers in China when appropriate.

19. Insight-ICON— 1.2% of total votes

Insight is an international institute for higher education in technical fields.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Infrastructure: developing ICON infrastructure such as automated deployment and safe node architecture, one-click ICON node deployment and more. Generating technical documentation to support developers.
  • DApp development: attracting new developers, including Insight fellows to work on ICON integrations and DApps. Working towards driving ICON adoption by businesses and end users.

20. Sharpn — 1.2% of total votes

Sharpn is a French startup focused on blockchain technology.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development & auditing: working towards bringing affordable user experience to blockchain by auditing the experience and affordability of SCORE & T-BEARS, fluidity of token integration, and project management
  • Education: developing and implementing an ICON certification into Certiv, their product which allows universities and institutions to easily issue professional certifications on the blockchain.

21. Everstake— 1.1% of total votes

Everstake is a staking service platform for institutional investors.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: organizing events and meetups in the Eastern Europe region.
  • Education: creating educational materials for the community about ICON

22. Gilga Capital — 1.1% of total votes

Gilga Capital is a blockchain venture capital firm and accelerator in Toronto.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Business Development: leveraging the ICON brand as ICX_Station to make valuable connections and partnerships for the ICON ecosystem. Pushing talented developers to build on ICON through hackathons.
  • Acceleration & Incubation: incubating new DApps and other ICON development projects by providing business model support, investor pitch preparation, advisor referrals, project funding referrals and more.

23. ICONNECT-Global — 1.1% of total votes

ICONNECT is a global team focused on advancing blockchain adoption.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: releasing an ICON decidated newsletter for all things happening in the ICON community. Running ICON community meetups in Africa.
  • Development Contributions: developing standards and proof-of-concepts that can be build on ICON for governments, civil groups and companies. Advancing ICON Africa DApp Development Program.

24. iBriz-Iconosphere — 1.1% of total votes

iBriz is a skilled team working on advancing blockchain and AI.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: developing DApps aligned with the mission to drive financial inclusion. Current projects include identity verification /attestation marketplace and prototype use-to-own DAO models.
  • Education & Training: conducting educational events such as classes, workshops and hackathons to cultivate community in the ICON developer network, grow a source of talent and raise awareness

25. Blockmove — 1.1% of total votes

Blockmove is a team of blockchain enthusiasts closely following ICON.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: organizing local meetups and hackathons in collaboration with local crypto communities.
  • Education: creating educational materials about ICON for beginners, followed up by a short quiz and getting a reward in ICX upon its successful completion.

26. Newroad Capital — 1.1% of total votes

Newroad Capital is a company providing several blockchain-related services.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Financial Support: allocating some of P-Rep earnings towards a grant program, where productive contributors to the ICON network (DApp developers, content producers, etc.) can apply for financial support

27. ICX Australia— 1.1% of total votes

ICX Australia is a collaboration of two Australian blockchain companies.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: organizing community meetups and publishing content. Returning 10% of representative rewards to the ICON community through bounty prizes and giveaways
  • Education: producing educational content and publicity for ICON through Cryptocate’s existing channels. Facilitating regular education sessions and technical support to assist the community in understanding ICON

28. ICON Sweden — 1.1% of total votes

ICON Sweden is an experienced team with strong blockchain understanding.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: building communities using both social media tools and face-to-face meetups. Organizing events, meetups and participating in conferences in target regions.
  • Development Support: supporting, developing and bringing real-world day-to-day used consumer and enterprise applications on the ICON Blockchain Network.

29. Piconbello — 0.6% of total votes

Piconbello is a group of enthusiasts exploring the possibilities of blockchain.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: operating a community telegram channel. Organizing and attending community meetups and blockchain events in Europe (and Turkey).
  • Development Support: allocating resources to developers that are working on productive projects for the ICON network. Providing logistical, communication support, such as contacting with ICON & supplying testers

30. UNBLOCK — 0.6% of total votes

UNBLOCK is a international team of passionate blockchain experts.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: promoting the ICON network on social media and B2B by utilizing full-time staff for promotion via FB, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and various other local networks. Organizing meetups.
  • Providing Services to DApps: contacting international and local enterprises and analyzing how blockchain could be utilized for their benefits. Informing them about the benefits of adopting ICON network.

31. DRAICON BALL — 0.6% of total votes

DRAICON BALL aims to help ICON achieve its goal of creating a change in the world through decentralization.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contribution: providing a dashboard web service to show information of network’s dApps at a glance. Providing a web service to allow anyone to become an oracle and evaluate data provided by oracles.
  • Education: educating and promoting ICON’s efforts with IconLoop, private blockchain for enterprise: Industries & partnerships, dApp ecosystem and its development

32. nel node— 0.5% of total votes

NEL is a large blockchain community in China with over 10,000 members.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development contribution: developing ICON blockchain explorer, wallet, etc. Developing FutureDAO project based on ICON. Developing liquidity protocol-based exchange and the decentralized exchange

33. AC3–0.5% of total votes

AC3 is the #1 IRC2 application token in market cap on the ICON network.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development contribution: devoting some resources to develop tools for the ICON blockchain. For example, developing centralized exchanges, DEX, wallets, block explorers, DApps and enterprise blockchains.
  • Education: helping to educate students through a University Program about ICON. By adding ICON to the program, MouseBelt will help bring the next wave of DAPPs to the ICON network.

34. ICON DAO — 0.5% of total votes

ICON DAO is a DAO that provides tools and services for development.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contribution: integrating existing tools and technology with ICON as well as launching new projects for the ICON. E.g. reputation system, programmable governance system, community fund system.
  • Community Outreach: rewarding and financially supporting ICONists through a grant. providing off-chain support through quarterly hackathons, publishing content and biweekly updates.

35. DFG Crypto — 0.5% of total votes

DFG is a company with investment, M&A, and incubation as its main business.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach / Promotion: listing ICX on AToken wallet. listing ICX market information on BIKA to help users learn about ICX. Providing more community construction support and resource cooperation support.

36. StakingTeam — 0.4% of total votes

StakingTeam is a staking-as-a-service company for crypto networks.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach / Support: sharing technical expertise and vision with Icon supporters. Promotering ICON in Italy and Europe, hosting meetups and helping more investors and developers join the community

37. DE-LIGHT — 0.3% of total votes

DE-LIGHT offers technical leadership and support to blockchain technologies

Proposed Contribution:

  • Block producing: As of now, DE-LIGHT has not mentioned any productive uses of allocated funds other than for node maintenance (basic requirement).

38. InfStones —0.3% of total votes

Infinity Stones specializes in cloud infrastructure & blockchain cybersecurity

Proposed Contribution:

  • Consulting ICON: providing consultancy to assist ICON in improving ICON’s DPoS Staking Program
  • Community Outreach: publishing announcements and PR materials of ICON to Infinity Stones community through official channels to broaden the influence of ICON

39. Wetez — 0.3% of total votes

Wetez is a node management and delegation service company.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: publishing content on Wechat and synchronizing with mainstream media. Managing Twitter and Medium. Running ICON community group and publish contents related to ICON.

40. DSNC — 0.2% of total votes

DSNC is a company which is focused mainly on blockchain technology.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contribution: looking for good developers to join the team or to work together, creating good ideas and transferring them to DApp project. Providing development resources and working together to build.
  • Community Outreach: creating learning materials on Medium and YouTube videos to help the ICON community to better understand how to use and work with ICX.

41. PakChina— 0.1% of total votes

PakChina is a start-up that is passionate about blockchain technology.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: working on community building, so people know more about ICON ecosystem and how it can bring changes to the community. Using marketing strategies, promotions and educating people.

42. Foundry Box Media — 0.1% of total votes

Foundry Box Media is a software development company.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development contributions: building a web project called “Bounty Cat”, which is a blockchain and incentive-based advertisement platform. Launching an ICON development blog, with documentation and tutorials.
  • Community Outreach: promoting and marketing ICON through social media and tech conventions. Engaging community about functionality and endeavor to design, implement and launch these functionalities.

43. Metanyx— 0.1% of total votes

Metanyx are a technical team of blockchain enthusiasts.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: utilizing 80% of rewards towards Development initiatives, with a focus on E-commerce integration for major shopping carts such as Shopify, Oscommerce and Woocommerce
  • Community Outreach: organizing meetups, attending blockchain events across Europe and providing development resources and technical experience in running highly available networks

44. ICX FREEZER — 0.1% of total votes

Freezer is a project created to enhance and support the dPoC/dPoS ecosystem

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contribution: providing a loan system for ICONists, which the purpose is to allow ICX holders to retain ICX and at the same time, receive additional liquidity.
  • Community Outreach: actively communicating with ICONists on various topics such as P-Rep’s direction, policy proposal, and policy voting through meet-ups. Attract new ICONists by inviting the general public to meet-ups.

45. Cobo ICON — 0.1% of total votes

Cobo is a wallet that offers Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and masternode rewards.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Wallet Service: listing ICX in Cobo Wallet so that regular users can deposit and withdraw ICX in cloud wallet. In the future, supporting ICON DApps in Cobo’s integrated dapp store
  • Community Outreach: establishing user communities for Chinese ICON enthusiasts and promote awareness of the ICON project through own channels.

46. HASHRATE PLUS — 0.1% of total votes

HashRate Plus is involved with Mining, Trading and Exchange.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: hosting and attending industry events as well as online promotion and the development of DApps will be the expected areas of active promotion.
  • Development Contribution: providing development resources (general).

47. Cypher Core–0.0% of total votes

Cypher Core is a group of blockchain enthusiasts and staking service provider.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: providing integrations, allowing ICON community access to Coris (Blockchain explorer), and custom Telegram bots. Working towards providing relevant synergies for existing Dapps.
  • Community Outreach: providing educational content series, governance discussion content campaigns, and general insight write-ups regarding ICON’s importance.

48. Xangle — 0.0% of total votes

Xangle is a public data disclosure service for the global crypto asset market.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Information Disclosure DApp: exposing information to verified retail investors, institutional investors, VCs, and Enterprises who believe in intrinsic & longer term value. Cultivating right investor relations.

49. Nodeasy.com — 0.0% of total votes

Nodeasy.com is a Staking economic portal from China.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: developing a morning newspaper, community Q&A, popularization of knowledge cards, directional AMA, website advertising promotion, Staking Weekly, airdrop activities and promotion

50. FOMO MASTERNODE — 0.0% of total votes

FOMO is focused on brand, investments, masternodes, listings and events.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Business Development: meetings with crypto players and other companies to elevate ICON’s brand, increase awareness and questions about ICON and their latest developments, lead to potential investment
  • Community Outreach: hosting private networking events + after-parties featuring crypto players, media outlets and financial institutions

51. Bit Cat — 0.0% of total votes

Develop ICO related block work, such as block browser.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contributions: developing ICO related block work, such as block browser

52. iccc node — 0.0% of total votes

ICCC is the largest ICON community in China.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Community Outreach: promoting ICON projects in bitcoin communities and diverting them to official ICON channels. Organizing online activities such as AMA and live. Hosting fan meetups in Beijing and Shanghai.

53. comcom node — 0.0% of total votes

Common Computer is a blockchain company building AI Network.

Proposed Contribution:

  • Development Contribution: developing AI Block Analysis tools, providing useful information that can benefit block producers and developers. Providing various AI components reliably and cost-efficiently.

Which Candidate Should I Vote For?

After reviewing the summarized proposed contributions, there are a few ways you can move forward with your selection.

  • Decide which type of contributions you find most valuable (we broke it down in terms of DApp Support, DApp Project, Community Outreach, Development Contribution, Acceration / Incubation, Marketing, Business Development, Consulting, and Education).
  • Narrow down your preferences based on credibility — which P-Rep candidates seem the most trustworthy / most authentic, and most likely to get the job done? Do some external research on select candidates.
  • Look deeper into a shortlist of candidates that you find interesting. The full list of candidates and their campaign profiles can be found here: https://icon.community/iconsensus/candidates/
  • Vote for candidates you think can make the top 22. How to vote: https://medium.com/posbakerz/how-to-stake-vote-in-icon-icx-5926e8e8a54b

Your vote matters. The quality of P-Reps elected has a great deal of impact on the success of the ICON network. The financial resources granted to P-Reps can allow them to contribute greatly to growing ICON.

Thanks for reading this article. It matters a lot to us to be able to cultivate a vibrant community that takes initiative and cares about the network. If you appreciate the work we do, please vote for us in the election under our node:

~ Gilga Capital (LET’S GROW ICON)

It is our duty and responsibility to make an impact if we get elected and we promise not to disappoint our community.

Authors: Stan Y. (@DPL766) and Rodney Y. (@One2two1)