Not enough alcoholics are educated about this

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My father died of alcoholic liver cirrhosis four years ago. …

This may be one of the toughest parts of getting sober.

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I have been sober for four and a half years. Before I quit drinking, I had contemplated getting sober for several years but couldn’t quite get there. I knew alcohol was killing me and stripping away all my motivation. Still, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Who was I without alcohol? How would I fit in anywhere?

For me, and probably many other alcoholics, drinking was more than just self-soothing. …

It’s high time we release this toxic ideology around mental health.

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Although the pandemic has been challenging in many ways, it’s helped evolve our understanding of mental health. This is a good thing. With so many of us feeling mentally unwell during this time, some critical discussions have opened up.

People are asking — what does it mean to be mentally healthy? And what does it mean to be mentally unwell both temporarily and chronically?

The same goes for our physical health, especially in light of a pandemic where some people became temporarily ill.

Some people got sick and then recovered. For others, the illness ended their life. Still, covid19 may lead to some chronic health issues for the rest of the infected people. …


Gillian May

Former nurse turned writer. Focus on mental health, addictions and wellness. Writer for Elemental, Mental Health and Addictions Community & Beautiful Hangover.

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