Chapter 1: Journalism

The goal of any journalist is to convey the truth. How do you convey the truth? With accuracy and fairness. Accuracy and fairness go hand in hand although they are not the same. According to the textbook, “Accuracy is one of the most important characteristics of any story…” With any story in the news or even in our every day lives, it is so hard to keep our own personal opinion to ourselves. The goal of a journalist is to leave our own biased opinion out of it, to convey facts accurately and to investigate fairly. All of these ideas are what journalist call objectivity. Objectivity is the ability to remove yourself and your biased or prejudice opinion, to be accurate and fair with out influence from the story and look at just strictly facts. Personally I think that is almost a near impossible standard or idea to strain for. As humans, it is our natural inclination to insert out personal beliefs or hunches or thoughts in to anything we do. We can strive a journalist to always be objective, however; I don’t believe it is all that obtainable.

Journalists play a large role in society. Journalists connect worlds and events and people together. Journalist are responsible for reporting news, even if that means bringing to light the injustices that people turn a blind eye to. Journalist can control people emotions, thoughts, opinions, or view points. I think in our generation we have an incredible opportunity to change the world with journalism and media. We live in a society where media and journalism are two of the most powerful tools you could imagine. How we choose to use it could change the world. I think if a group of Christians made it their mission to impact the world of media and journalism in a positive way, their world would see a difference. Journalist who conveyed truth, who sought justice and integrity and more importantly journalist who wanted to impact the world for Jesus. I think that is where journalism and media need to be improved and where real change can occur.

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