Virginia Governor: Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe was born in 1957 in Syracuse, New York. From a young age, McAuliffe was around politics and became a young entrepreneur. His father worked for the Onondaga County Democratic Party’s treasurer. At age 14 he created his own business where he paved driveways to help pay for his college years. He attended the Catholic University, and then later made his way to Georgetown Law School.

After graduating from Law School, McAuliffe started the Federal City National bank and opened up his own law firm. He later also founded GreenTech Automotive.

At age 23, McAuliffe entered the world of politics working as Jimmy Carter’s national finance director.

When McAuliffe was young, his father would take him on fundraising trips collecting money. Naturally, as he got older that was where he thrived. McAuliffe is very well known for his fundraising abilities, which landed him a job on both Bill Clinton’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign teams. He became great friends with the Clintons, serving as chairman of both of their campaigns. He also worked as chief fundraiser, and co-chairmen for Bill Clinton through out his first and second campaigns.

Terry became Political advisor for the Democratic Party and was also Chairman for the Democratic National Committee. Nonetheless, McAuliffe is naturally a businessman.

In 2009, McAuliffe ran for governor of Virginia, where he was eliminated in the Primary. He later attempted a second run in 2013, where he successfully won his first public office title and became the 72nd Governor of Virginia.

McAuliffe’s main focus as governor is improving the economy in Virginia by creating more jobs, and ensuring and improving trust in the government.

McAuliffe has been vocal about the 2016 election and has endorsed long time friend, Hilary Clinton.

Terry has 5 kids and is married to long time wife Dorothy McAuliffe.

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