My First Blog Post

Why Social Media is stupid.

There seems to be a push in our society, this push that your opinions matter, that your voice matters. It doesn’t. Maybe you reach a small audience of loyal readers who enjoy the words you type onto the screen, but in your most private moments at your very core you should remember that not even that matters. Your opinions might be transferred into someone else, and they may blurt out a line from your blog at a bar to a drunk friend who is attempting to watch the game, and for a moment those words…your opinion mattered, but then they disappeared into the world like all the other words spoken by the average man.

It’s not only blogging, people seem to have it in their heads that people care about the food they eat so they post to Instagram, about what cool thing they’re doing at the moment and they post to snapchat to show the world that they too do cool things. In reality no one cares what you’re doing, no one cares how many beers you had at the bar or what an awesome time you had with all your college buddies. What people really care about is feeling that you care about them. No one really scans through your snap story to see how you’re doing, they scan it for your own satisfaction.

How many people say “look at this post, I got 100 likes” what it screams is “look at me, my daddy didn’t love me but these 251 people care about what taco stand I eat at on Fridays.” It is creating people who’s self confidence come from a tap on a screen from a person who didn’t even take the time to really look at the picture.

251 people follow your life, 251 people comment “cute” or “pretty” and 251 couldn’t care less about how your life is going, 251 people see a picture of your latest taco and file it into their memory banks with every other stupid picture they’ve seen that day.

So how do we as people who have access to more information and are more connected to the world than any other generation before us choose to spend our time…

We spend it sending each other fucking filters of our faces as dogs and rabbits.

I propose its time to do the world a favor and quit posting selfies of yourself…no one on this earth wants to see your face on their feed 4 times a week. I propose its time to connect by disconnecting and we should begin to measure our worth by the people who like us and not those who double tap a screen at the site of cleavage cause lets be honest…thats the only reason boys like your pictures. Go out there, breathe the air, go on a tour of your city and actually learn something and please for the love of everything stop doing things for the “gram”. If one more concert gets ruined by Ms. Mary whats-her-face trying to snapchat and entire song because “thats my jam!!!!” I’m going to lose it.

Go out, eat some food, enjoy that food, go home and talk to someone about how you liked that food…its just like Facebook except better cause people are warm and computers are cold. Just a thought from a deep seeded angsty teen entering the world of tech and adulthood.

Be cool.

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