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Subject: Substitution of Flows
Key: Link between vision and hearing
Idea: As was mentioned by, “What if when you heard a sound, you got a funny taste in your mouth? What would you do if when you read a book that is printed in black and white, each letter has its own pigment or shade to it? These strange occurrences are a part of everyday life for people that have synaesthesia.” Synaesthesia is a combination of different senses, which is a great area for researchers. So here, I will just focus on the link between vision and sound. According to the research from Stuart Wolpert and Divya Menon in 2011, our senses of sight and hearing work closely together. People may realize it in some extent, but just a little. I’m trying to enlarge this kind of connection in the project.
Project Proposal: I’m planning to make a video with several sections. In each section, a substitution of two “flows” will be presented, such as the replacement of car stream and water, the wind and noise. In the concept of the project, the word “flow” represents everything moving, changing and noising. To exchange the vision and sound of different flows (like seeing car stream but hearing sea wave), the project will make the audience get a wonderful and different experience.

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