The Mirror Metaphor

The mirror reflects an exact image of the person looking in it. Through what we call “the mirror method” you can see myself clearly, the way you are, objectively and without any distortions that you, others or the world have placed on you. The process of mirroring or self-perception is a process that can be done with help of instruments such as: a diary, feedback from other people or a mood tracker. Mirroring yourself in others is a method of identifying patterns of behavior that you have, but only others can see. Discussions with others around you(people that you know or people that you barely know) can turn into revelations. Seeing yourself in the mirror isn’t always easy, because sometimes you see a monster, you get scared and you break the mirror. But the mirror is a very useful instrument for self-awareness, because being aware is not a state of mind that comes and goes when you want it to, it is ever present when you work on it. Something that is not an easy job every single time. The mirror asks questions, the mirror reflects and remains in silence, it doesn’t judge. It only points to simple things, moods, emotions and actions. This mood tracker is a mirror for your moods and makes visible what the eye cannot see.

Next to the image that you see of yourself in the mirror, you can see a contour of your true undiscovered self starting to show, of your unexplored potential or the potential that was explored but not the right way. This contour that has your shape is the real you and it waits to be discovered, or rather uncovered, understood and then given meaning. And that means living in your true shape.