Lisk.Bike: IoT + Blockchain. Engaging Javascript developers in blockchain technology — Gimly projects + partnerships

Progress and lessons learned

Lisk.Bike: how do custom transactions work?

RentedBy: Bob's account
RentalStart: Current timestamp
RentalEnd: Current timestamp
RentedBy: undefined
UpdateLocation: GPS latitude, longitude
Return bike custom transaction (source: Lisk.Bike github repo)

The need for deposits

The challenge of connecting IoT and blockchain

What about smart contracts?

Custom transactions vs smart contracts

Bike sharing with smart contracts: Kryha’s Lockchain

Connecting IoT hardware to Ethereum vs Lisk.Bike nodes

Context of innovation: complying to local regulations and stakeholders’ needs

Lisk: engaging the JavaScript community

Lisk.Bike workshop during LiskJS19 in Berlin (source: Lisk.Bike team 2019)

Reach out and get connected

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