I start at the Iron Yard Houston on Monday!

Not a bad way for young Jason to spend his afternoons.

My first early memories with coding began in middle school, when I picked up an Apple II Basic book that came with my Apple II GS. I sat down and coded a few lines. HELLO WORLD. It was exciting to see the machine output the commands! About the same time, I remember sitting with my friend Aaron watching him code his first webpages in HTML. Anyway, I always look back and wish I had spend more time with code before now, but in a roundabout way, I’ve finally found my way back here!

I’ve spend the past four months engaging with the online resources found at Code School and Codeacademy, and with the help of a tutorial, I’ve even made a simple twitterbot that spits out “word salad” from my main account:

Here’s a link to my github where you can find the code for the twitterbot, which is based on the tutorial here: http://readwrite.com/2014/06/20/random-non-sequitur-twitter-bot-instructions

By following this tutorial, I learned how to set up a twitter app, how use the terminal to push code to github, how to set up an app on heroku, and how to use a pinging service to keep the app alive. It was a great first project!

Before I enrolled at the Iron Yard, I was working on another twitter API project in AngularJS. The goal was to create a live list of a particular hashtag, and if possible, generate those tweets as pins on a map. This project would be my portfolio project for a prospective job. I was making good progress, however, since twitter updated their Oauth authorization, I found that there was some essential code knowledge I was lacking to implement this new requirement. “Cargo culting” code was not going to cut it, I needed a deeper understanding, a better fluency.

I’m excited to develop my skills, and become more fluent in code! I’ll keep track of my progress here, along with the side projects I have time for.