Automated Cryptocurrency Trading: the Problem and the Solution

Only a few platforms offer the opportunity to automate cryptocurrency trading, however, this industry faces an issue that needs a solution as soon as possible.

Many of the online forex brokers offer automated trading accounts, which allows the users to set up trades by establishing specific rules, such as indicators and safeties, both for entering and exiting a trade. Once programmed, the bots automatically start trading with no need from the user to interfere.

Automated trading minimizes the emotions many traders are struggling with: when fear or greed interferes a trading position, it could result in high losses, especially if the trader uses leverage on his position. One of the best features of automatic trading is backtesting, which applies the trading rules to historical market data to check how a strategy would have performed in the past. As the bots do all the trading, the user saves himself precious time: there is no need to monitor his trades all day, instead, the trader can sit back and relax while the computer does all the work.

As of now, the cryptocurrency market consists of 1,185 different digital currencies, 5,901 markets and a market capitalization of nearly $170 billion. Many have identified these great aspects of cryptocurrencies, which could be used for trading opportunities.

Automated trading has been introduced to the cryptocurrency sphere before by a few platforms. However, these platforms require the user to be an experienced trader, possess ample programming skills along with a deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. These skills are extremely hard to achieve for many individuals, especially for newcomers to the cryptocurrency sphere.

Gimmer seeks to solve these issues. The Gimmer team has created an automated cryptocurrency trading platform with a simple and easy-to-use interface. A user-friendly platform for automated cryptocurrency trading is the solution for the industry’s problems as it suits the needs of both newbie and experienced traders but can even charm cryptocurrency enthusiasts to set up a trade on the platform. For more information, check out our first Medium post introducing Gimmer!

With Gimmer, users are able to set up bots with a few clicks: no need to possess programming skills. You don’t have to be experienced in currency trading as Gimmer allows the user to rent out strategies inside the Gimmer community. This way, newbie traders can use the strategies of veteran traders taking advantage of the latter’s skills, while experienced traders can generate revenue by renting out their own strategies to other users. Read more about Gimmer’s advanced algorithmic trading bots!

Furthermore, contrary to other trading platforms, Gimmer uses a token model instead of offering non-flexible and often expensive subscription packages to its customers. Gimmer’s ecosystem is powered by Gimmer Tokens (GMR), which are used for on-platform transactions, including for renting out bots, strategies, and much more!

Gimmer will hold a Token Sale to further develop the platform. The Gimmer Public Token Sale will start on February 1, 2018, head to the Gimmer site for more information or read our whitepaper. Do you have any questions regarding Gimmer? Join us on our Telegram group!