Gimmer announce “always online” crypto trading solution

Humans need breaks, bots don’t. Humans need sleep, bots don’t. Humans get sick, while bots? Exactly. This is the idea behind our latest trading tool which plans to lower energy consumption, improve trading security and — perhaps most importantly — give traders their lives back.

Our cryptocurrency platform is preparing to release the decentralized Virtual Private Server to let bots take the reins from human traders when they are away from the keyboard or offline. This can be used when traders are sleeping, or on holiday, or unwell, or simply in need of a break. No matter the time — day or night — the user’s own server will make automatic trades based on user bot settings. Furthermore, our new service is expected to help those new to cryptocurrency trading or hoping to cut down on their energy costs. How? Let’s break it down.

The Virtual Private Server, which is set for release by the end of the month, will keep traders on top of the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency. Seconds, minutes and hours can be valuable trading time in the notoriously fickle sector of cryptocurrency investment, but traders cannot possibly be available for every second, minute or hour of the day. They need to sleep, or go to work, or take vacations. This is where artificial assistance and VPS is here to help. Our platform allows investors to preset their trading preferences, upload them to the VPS and let the bot handle the rest. The VPS solution will allow people to shut down their computer and sleep soundly with the knowledge that they’re in reliable, automated hands.

At Gimmer we aim to provide the perfect solution for beginner traders and full-time investors alike. From those who are still trying to grasp the crypto world to others who spend double-digit hours every day obsessing over their portfolio, the Virtual Private Server service offers freedom: freedom to invest without fear, freedom to turn off the computer every once in a while, freedom to take that holiday and control trades away from the screen. The VPS service is also designed with security in mind as it is decentralized and provides a dedicated server with a dedicated IP.

The goal is to allow access to your strategies from wherever you are, to not miss any trading opportunities and at the same time to offer more opportunities to enjoy life away from a machine.

The energy conservation element of this service should also be noted. There is no doubt that keeping your computer running 24/7 is costly. Decentralized solutions like this will enable traders to shut down their computer or laptop and still perform their trades — which is great news for the environment and the trader’s back pocket. Further than this, the bot allows people without a computer or without electricity to continue to access cryptocurrency trading once having initiated a bot on their own VPS. This could have implications for developing nations and lower socioeconomic groups who want to get involved with the industry and trading but have limited means.

This is what we are all about: lowering the barriers to entry and making cryptocurrency and crypto trading available for all. The VPS service is something the community wants and needs. The service is set to launch by the end of September and will be based on a subscription payment model. Monthly payment will be made with the Gimmer token and fixed to a dollar value. The monthly cost is to be announced. For more information on the platform and further updates, follow our website,Discord and Facebook page.