Gimmer Tutorial Series

Hello Gimmers, we from the development team have some more news! In addition to the platform updates, we are working on releasing video tutorials each week that go through a different topic and area of the Gimmer DApp.

To begin with, these video tutorials will be in English and Portuguese with plans for additional languages in the future. We aim to address all areas of the DApp so we can ensure that every user understands and gets as much out of the Gimmer platform as possible.

To start things off, our first video in the series will cover:

# 1 How to Backup and Restore Gimmer accounts.

Do you have any specific difficulties with Gimmer? Let us know what you need help with and we will also make a video tutorial about it! Your question may be the same question as that of other Gimmer users!

Link to questionnaire:

Thank you, see you next time.

Gimmer Team