HOLD-TO-USE? FREE trading bots? Customization? Marketplace? — how does it all work?

Feb 17, 2018 · 2 min read

All Gimmer users are offered 1 FREE bot. This is an advanced trading bot that is pre-configured and ready to go. It comes with the choice of 3 indicators and a maximum trade amount. You can upgrade this bot at anytime by becoming a Gimmer token holder.

Gimmer token holders As a Gimmer token holder you will have full access to your bot of choice. Each type of bot requires a different amount of tokens to be held in your wallet. The bots come pre-configured with a few basic options to choose from depending on the trade type. Check out the table below for a guide on how many GMR tokens you will need to hold for each type of bot.

All bots come pre-configured with basic strategies. For each bot used, the specific number of GMR tokens must be held in the users wallet

Complete bot customisation You can customise any of the bots with new strategies, indicators, safeties, plugins/add-ons, providers, signals and many more add-ons. The Bot Store is a marketplace for bot customisation and much more. Everything is priced in GMR tokens and you can purchase items that have been cleverly crafted by the experts at Gimmer, by many of our partners and also from advanced users of the platform.

How does Gimmer monetize then? Gimmer makes money by selling and renting add-ons to customise your bot, such as advanced indicators and safeties. This is all managed through the Bot Store. Gimmer also charges a small handling fee for any peer-2-peer and partner purchases or rentals that are made through the marketplace.

Advantages for users With this model, you do not need to spend GMR tokens to run your bots, you only need to hold them in your wallet, so if for some reason you decided to stop using your Gimmer bots then you would still have your tokens which you could trade on an exchange. You only spend GMR tokens when purchasing indicators and add-ons through the marketplace to customise your bots.

How can I get GMR tokens? With this holding model, users will keep GMR tokens in the wallet in order to run their bots, this will generate scarcity and increase the demand for the token. GMR tokens are available to buy from Gimmer’s token sale. After this, we will start negotiations with various exchanges including EtherDelta, IDEX and many more.


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