Setting up MetaMask for the Gimmer Token Sale

In this short guide, you will learn how to setup an ERC-20 wallet using MetaMask, which you can use to receive your Gimmer Tokens (GMR) during the Gimmer Presale and Token Sale!

Please note: this guide is for only setting up MetaMask, to navigate here to read the full Token Sale Guide!

01.1 Adding the MetaMask Plugin to Chrome

Navigate to MetaMask’s website and click on “Get Chrome Plugin” (we advise you to use Chrome for this).

Click on the blue button “Add to Chrome”. After that, a green pop-up will appear saying “Added to Chrome”.

01.2 Setting up MetaMask

Opening the MetaMask plugin will ask for a password, which you need to type in. After that, save the recovery phrase to somewhere safe, then proceed with the next step.

01.3 Copy Address to Clipboard

Click the icon on the up right corner (as seen in the previous image) and click “Copy Address to clipboard”.

01.4 Paste your Wallet Address

Paste your wallet address to the bracket on the Gimmer site. If the wallet address is valid, you will get a confirmation from us and will be able to proceed.

That’s it, you are all done! Thank you for showing your interest in Gimmer!

Gimmer holds a Token Sale to further develop the platform to the highest level. The Gimmer Token Sale is expected to start on the 1 February, head to the Gimmer site for more information or read our whitepaper. Do you have any questions regarding Gimmer? Join us on Telegram!