It’s happening!

On Wednesday I got to meet Ingrid Villasenor in almost-person! Through video chat (it’s amazing how the world shrinks with such things!) I met the woman who founded Tejiendo Futuros. She’s the leader and instigator behind all the amazing work I’ll be helping with beginning in October in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Ingrid Villasenor, founder of Tejiendo Futuros in Panajachel, Guatemala. PC: Katrina Boratko

Quick overview of what Tejiendo Futuros is:

There’s the holistic after school program (Called El Arbol del Nino):

Right now, Ingrid has about 18 children 7–12 years old who participate in her holistic, Montessori-style after school program. With a focus on helping children develop academically, she and her staff also work on developing their leadership skills, learning about their Mayan culture, and increasing food security. More details to come!

Students in Ingrids after school program, hear more about their story from Katrina Boratko’s FB post.

Then she has plans for the Eco-Farm:

Partnering with many other experts in the field from around the world, and having gone to a number of permaculture trainings herself, Tejiendo Futuros will begin constructing a sustainable, organic farm around December (when I’m there!). With the farm, the parents of the children in the after school program will be able to grow, cook, eat, and sell this hyper-local food. Already, they’re working with the Ministry of Agriculture in Guatemala, specialists in Canada, and a number of local permaculture farms. The farm will be on 7.5 acres complete with an orchard, medicinal herb garden, vegetable garden, and space for goats, chickens, and other animals.

Last, is the Eco-tourism:

The land is mountainous, and so much of it will remain undeveloped and open for visitors to hike and explore nature. Especially with the new bird watching club the children are doing in the after school program, having this land available for people in the community and visitors explore what Guatemala is like will be immensely valuable. In the next few months, constructing paths, and developing set tours will begin!

I’ve committed to raising $20K to help make this nonprofit a self-sustaining, empowering, and community based reality — check out my fundraising page ( to learn more and be a part of giving these children the education and health every human deserves. And of course — message me or comment if you have any questions, ideas, or thoughts about getting more involved :)