Not a Black Chair.
Amélie Lamont

Your therapist lied to you. I am a licensed therapist myself and this isn’t a form of PTSD. You’re a young woman ignorant of office politics, forcing her hand when it was clear how hostile the environment is and chose to barrel through anyway.

Further, while the comment made about your skin was in poor taste, it wasn’t racist — it was insensitive. I too am a black woman and I hate when we throw around the race card as though we can’t read the definition of the word.

You made several requests for more responsibility and when it wasn’t exactly what you wanted, you balked. Come on! Learn how to play the game. PAs the time by laying low below the radar. Your article won’t change their culture, but like others who chose to use this medium (pun intended) to speak out, it will only hurt your career.

I do think what you went through was unfair but you truly sound more entitled to whatever you think you deserved as opposed to seeing a bad situation early and leaving altogether.

So yea, I don’t buy this victim article.