How to spot a woman’s real age?

If they were born in the 80’s.

As mentioned before, I recently got married. Sadly, for me, I didn’t lose 3 stone as I wanted. Nor did I even remember to get my nails done whilst doing wedding prep in Italy. I didn’t even LOVE my wedding dress. I was so caught up in making the day amazing for my guests, I kind of put my own vanity to the back. It was perfect mind you, and in all honesty, I don’t think I was ever able to be a skinny bride, especially being in Italy 10 days before the wedding. Hellooo ravioli…

However, one thing I did do in my pre wedding blitz was my eyebrows, and my god I am glad I did.

See, I am 32. I grew up in Northampton in a place called Briar Hill, known for its stealing of your car hub caps and very thin eyebrows. I don’t remember spending my youth plucking, but if you looked at me without make up 4 weeks ago, you would have predicted I spent my time doing just that. Apparently we all did. It was the rage.

So, knowing that I was marrying in Tuscany, where the wedding day could and was 34 degrees, I decided to look into semi permanent make up, and came across microblading.

Microblading is a sort of tattoo where pigment is implanted under your skin. As someone with a erratic fear of needless and zero tats on my body, this seemed an incredibly scary, permanent thing to do, but the thought of having my beautifully drawn brows melting into my cheeks on my wedding day, scared me more — so I decided to get it done, but in the fear of being a Daily Mail ‘look what this stupid woman did to her face’ story, I decided the best bet was to research and go with the best.

I went to the Sian Della clinic on Harley Street, because she had the best reviews, was Harley Street based and she had a kind face. Petrified for my first session (of two), I smothered my entire face in the numbing cream they give you and walked in shaking and hot from the fear. I need not had been so scared, as Sian was very calming and chatted to me about her wedding to put me at ease. First, Sian got a crayon type thing to draw on my brows how she thought they should look. Perfect. Was that it? Nope.

After, she made hair like strokes with a blade with ink, a very light tattoo, which isn’t as deep. It felt more like a scratch than a cut. The sound isn’t pleasant, but for a pussy like me, totally all bearable.

It took around an hour, tops, and when I left, Sian advised me to use a moisture cream she supplied for the next few weeks. After a few weeks, the perfect brows had faded a little, but not to how they were. In my second session, she topped it up. This only took 15 minutes and I walked out all Cara Delevingne, smug with my new brows.

I don’t know if this will mean I have a taste for the blade and will now book in for 34DD’s or what, I highly doubt it, but I was so in awe of the treatment and results, that I had to make a blog about it.

So, here is the results.

Sian charges £495.00 for the treatment, which includes both sessions, the creams and her expertise. Aside the prosecco at the wedding, it was the best thing I spent money on.

Now, I don’t look a day of 25 do I?

Comedy producer. Also film shizzle with Porcelain Film. I have a pug dog called Gordon. He rocks as do I. These are my views and not of my employers. Probably.

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