How to Appreciate internet Satire.

hahahahahhahhahahhahahhahha cancer.

Did that not tickle your untouched scrotum? Well i guess you just don’t appreciate the pussy pounding narcissistic satire of todays memes. The type which appreciates both genders in a ball crushing collaboration of genius minds. The people of society who know their shit;

Angsty, edgy, internet depressed teens.

The pinnacle of today’s comedy folks, they pump out the good shit. That type you want to obsess over whilst listening to your edgy vapourware (I’m British and pretending to be stupid, don’t judge my spelling) and 420 blazing it in your parents loft. And don’t worry about being bored, there’s enough of the good life to keep you fapping all night long boyos.

Like animals? Well here’s fucking Gorilla facefucking your eyes every 5 seconds, with hashtags flying out with the same frequency as kids dabbing on tv. And don’t end the originality their? Remember rick roll? Of course you don’t — if you ain’t a 90’s kid you can’t talk about this shit (hahaha kill me) — but we got you youngsters covered; with the top notch satire of Rick Harrison dialogue being pumped out quicker that your mum’s liposuction. There’s no ending this idiosyncratic and completely new form of comedy.

So you older dicks who pull one out to some Private Eye and onion clickbait take note, this is how edgy meme-boys do this. And society, mate, this is true comedy, you stick to your consumerist agenda of selling out arena’s up that bleached arsehole. On the internet, no words too bad. Actually, pfffft, who cares about your opinions when I can get shouted down by the depressed teens who get real help from this top notch medication.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA, this is so funny; don’t you love how life is meaningless and we are all going to enter the dread as a generation of atheists who’s afterlife consist of the empty void that will consume your latter life until you reach your final breaths, panicking and realising you lived the fictitious life and you’d rather be unintelligent than realise our meaningless solitude in the world?

Huzzah, i am now an internet nihilist. Fucking Hipsters.

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