Transformational Shifts For A Greener Future

There is a bright and cleaner future with renewable energy. Now, world leaders and private institutions are working together to make it happen. Even oil and gas companies have incorporated renewable energy in their technologies to help contribute to making our world safer for everyone.

In this month’s issue, the Chairman of Emirates Green Building Council, Saeed Al Abbar, discusses the transformational shifts towards a greener future. He shares where his company’s “green building” movement is headed and how they are conserving the environment “by strengthening and promoting green building practices”. Get to know more about the company’s future plans and the chairman’s opinion on why going green is the only future that everybody should aim for today.

Also featured in this month’s issue are special articles written to enlighten us on today’s new renewable technologies. Know what’s in store for the future of e-waste as the CEO and Co-Founder of Enviroserve, Stuart Fleming, talks about why everyone needs to commit to tackling hazardous materials and support recycling programs in every country. Learn more about how powder coatings can accelerate the possibility of a greener tomorrow. Don’t miss the special article about MENA Region’s movement towards a clean energy future. Get inspired by Clean Energy Business Council and Enerwhere’s efforts to promote the clean energy industry in the region.

And of course, just like every other issue of GineersNow, we have prepared special leadership articles that can help you boost your career and improve your work ethic. Find out if you’re too smart for your current job. If you’re feeling dull, we have provided easy tips that can aid you in sharpening your mind. Most importantly, we have a special feature discussing the importance on why you should never end up as the arrogant engineer at work. Do you want to know why? Scroll through the pages to find out.

So sit back and learn something new in this industry today. Keep up with the latest trends on the Renewable Industry with GineersNow: Renewable Green Leaders.


Originally published at on June 28, 2017.