You’re using a definition from the 1930’s.

Okay, Fine. I usually don’t like sourcing Wikipedia. Hillary is in support of regulated Trade Agreements. Not free trade which is a neo-liberal premise.

(Hillary loves tariffs and regulations and ensuring global fair wage principles. It is why she opposed the last version of the TPP.)

“Neoliberalism requires the removal of various controls deemed as barriers to free trade, such as:

  • Tariffs
  • Regulations
  • Certain standards, laws, legislation and regulatory measures
  • Restrictions on capital flows and investment

The goal is to be able to to allow the free market to naturally balance itself via the pressures of market demands; a key to successful market-based economies.

As summarized from What is Neo-Liberalism? A brief definition for activists by Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo Garcia from Corporate Watch, the main points of neoliberalism includes:

  • The rule of the market — freedom for capital, goods and services, where the market is self-regulating allowing the trickle down notion of wealth distribution. It also includes the deunionizing of labor forces and removals of any impediments to capital mobility, such as regulations. The freedom is from the state, or government.
  • Reducing public expenditure for social services, such as health and education, by the government
  • Deregulation, to allow market forces to act as a self-regulating mechanism
  • Privatization of public enterprise (things from water to even the internet)
  • Changing perceptions of public and community good to individualism and individual responsibility.”