You said you did a deep dive into Hillary Clinton scandals and yet I find that hard to believe.

Ha! I was wondering when y’all would start showing up. It is laughable that you refer to a Youtube video as evidence. A video, which incidentally, I have already seen and every single one of the claims it makes have been debunked. They do not at all check out. But the reason that I am even bothering to respond to this is that the site that created the video is a rabid alt-right site, “in favour of depriving the rights of women, legalization of rape by white men & keeping the Western World purely white & Christian while depriving non whites of their rights and plays by huge double standards when it comes to the Cologne sex attacks & rape on white women by white men. He’s a racist, an Islamophobe, a sexist, a transphobe & a xenophobe who has learned to phrase these bigotries in documentary style window dressing, euphemisms, dog whistles & overall coded language.” But perhaps you are also alt-right and if so then you are correct, we live in very different worlds.

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