You know, the more I process all of this, the funnier it becomes. Walk through this with me here.
Emily Jones

I am not exactly sure what your point is. Are you saying that protesting the Trump presidency is a wasted effort and inappropriate because he ‘won’? That there is ample evidence that this election, if not out right rigged, was certainly adversely influenced by a number of factors is a larger conversation for another time. Regardless of the fairness of the election, citizens have a right and indeed, a duty to protest a regressive administration. Nixon also won the election that does not mean his policies shouldn’t have been challenged/ protested and legal action taken against his more corrupt actions. We protested because we do not support what this administration stands for. We protested to announce to the rest of the world that we did Not vote for this. That we do Not support the actions of the white house. That we do not support immigration bans, destroying the environment, going to war with Iran, the nullification of women’s rights, etc. We will continue to protest. The underlaying purpose of your piece seems to be that because you believe the election was ‘rigged’ against Bernie Sanders and that We didn’t protest that then we have no right to do it now. I humbly ask you to reconsider that position.

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