Fake News

Fraudulent news stories have flooded the internet and social media in the past years. For some people its their way to put food on the table, for others its an annoying aspect of going on the internet. Personally, I think this is a major issue in today’s world. So many people can easily believe everything they see that is “news”. People in todays world believe that everyone is helping everyone, and that nobody would ever publish something that is a complete lie. I wont lie, sometimes I enjoy a good joke about politics for entertainment reasons, but as soon as that “joke” is published as real news, that is when it crosses the line. As soon as a “joke” starts to sway public opinion on a controversial issue or even and election, thats where the line needs to be drawn. I am not saying that all of the blame goes out to the people publishing/posting “Fake News”, but part of it should also go to the people that are believing it and spreading it. Freedom of speech is something that is a constitutional right and you cannot sensor people for saying fake things, but citizens should take action so that the “Fake News” does not get spread around and believed. We as citizens should protect our rights as Americans, so the Government will not have to take action and try to limit our freedom of speech. “Fake News” is almost like drugs. You have the drug dealers that post and publish the “Fake News” and then you have the consumers, which are people that read the “Fake News” and spread the word about it. Fixing this problem sounds difficult, but in reality is very simple. The solution should just be having people fact check and make sure the news is from a credible source before they spread it. Classes should be mandatory in schools and colleges and even have classes available at city halls, and libraries just to spread awareness of “Fake News”. Yes its simple, but people have to buy in to this so fake news can be suffocated out of the stream of information on the internet. If we take action and shut fake news down, issues and views will be more clear cut and not convoluted like they are now. We can fix this is we work together.