I never thought I’d write this shit down

The last 5 years of my life have been, let’s say, not the standard life. Last month I reached a point where I realised that I need to share this weird story to prevent getting crazy. I don’t care who reads this. I just need to get it out of my system.

I cannot talk to my friends about who I’m about to become. When I try, I can clearly see that they have a hard time identifying with my problems and my joy. It is a life far away form theirs. How can I keep connected with them? I think I’m becoming lonely. Maybe that’s a by-product of becoming successful.

The good thing about my last 5 years is that I’m constantly forced to sharpen my skill set. I learn lessons at a much faster pace because I’m continuously confronted with new problems to solve or shortcuts to find. I believe there is some value in them and I want to write them down. Even if it’s just for myself to not forget because writing things down helps our brain to internalise new information.

This seems trivial but I think it is a much underestimated brain hack. The Chinese used this simple technique during the Korean War against their enemies with surprising success. Instead of using brute force the Chinese had their American prisoners write down answers to leading questions about capitalism and communism. As a result, most of their prisoners started cooperating with them and turned against their own peers.

It seems that you align with what you write. I’m an entrepreneur and my job is to learn life and people as fast as possible and I hope reflecting and writing about it helps.

I’m only at the beginning of a road that looks promising (if you look at it through the lense of success) and questionable (if you consider personal happiness). Let’s see what happens. Welcome to my journey.