f$#@ fear.

I’ve been afraid for a long time. You’ll notice that I have shrank away from many opportunities, because I’m bursting at the seams with ideas about 95% of the day, because I have failed before.

I have failed, I have had personal failures, I have had professional failures, and I have had big time failures. I have made a fool of myself more than once trying to get where I want to go.

There’s a culture in Silicon Valley — the “Fail Fast” mentality. This really only works if there is an endless well of people lining up to give you money for your startups. What if what you do isn’t the newest tech? What if you do something like I do? I work on people. I work with people. I make them feel good. I analyze their skincare and help them make more effective choices. I relax them. I relax their body so their mind can follow. I remove hair. I do this so that they don’t have to worry about it for stretches of time. I remove worry.

I’m passionate about that. I’m also passionate about beauty — but not in the shallow way. I can’t stand the rise of the Instagram-makeup artist, who uses drag techniques and ring-lights and too much highlighter to look like a mannequin (not knockin’ drag: I love it. But that also knows that it’s costume-y. These girls don’t.) I’m passionate about giving to the woman who works hard, feeds her family, and puts herself on the back burner…I’m passionate about giving her her humanity back, her grace, and giving her a peek at the beauty that is inside of her on the outside.

Give me a client who has had a shitty day, the worst week, a terrible year. Let me chat with them, let’s find some common ground. Let’s have fun. Let’s make her (or him!) look like they’ve slept about 10 more hours a night than they have. Then hand them a mirror.

What else am I passionate about? Writing. I love to communicate, but I’m really anxious. So having a reason to ask questions (I’m a journalist! It’s my job!) or to tell people about something (I’m a publicist! This is what I do!) empowers me to bring that to the people.

I guess I’m all about empowering. Myself, you, them, the next person: everybody.

So when I saw this blog by Jessica Semaan, I was hesitant. This is going to be silly, I thought, because I’m not only unsure but I’m also unwilling to be supported.

I’m quick to say I’m not a writer, even though it’s a title I lust after. 
I’m a blogger, and a journalism major, a freelance writer, a PR intern, an esthetician, a makeup artist, and a compassionate human.

Fuck yes you are.

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