“Fiend for the Bean”

An excerpt of this week’s piece on TheOdysseyOnline.com

If you’ve ever tried to quit, you’ll know these signs:

Mood swings
Body aches
Increased sluggishness
Lack of motivation
Heightened apathy for your fellow man

Quitting takes a special amount of dedication, as the physical and emotional addiction has taken hold of your life and your schedule.

I am talking about, of course, coffee, or more specifically — caffeine.

My coffee addiction started in middle school, seventh grade, to be precise.

I had been sneaking and been adding the decadent, flavored cream and sugars to the free coffee at church on Sundays as my mother socialized and my brother and I nabbed donut holes and played with our friends in the lobby since fifth grade. I loved the extra energy I had, but I feel with as much cream and sugar as I was adding…this was likely more of a “sugar buzz” than a caffeine kick. I started to become more accustomed to the flavor of coffee over many Sundays of doing this, though. My mom had been drinking morning coffee for a while, and like many children, I associated this behavior with being a grown up.


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